Simply serve

Simply serveBy deviators from the army can be taken preventive measures

About 200 thousand man in Russia evade conscription into the army, said Sun Chief Head Organization and Mobilization Directorate, Deputy Chief of the General Staff Vasily Smirnov. Despite the difficulties, the Ministry of Defence will not increase the term of military service.

"Earth to burn under the feet of draft dodgers"

The Ministry of Defence in the Sun stated that the strongly committed to those who prefer to avoid military service in the army, has long been calculated using some simple ways.

"Today, about 200 thousand people shy away from military service by the failure to receive the agenda or the abandonment of places of residence for a period of conscription campaign — said at a press conference, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia Vasily Smirnov. — The problem of conscripts severe. If you bring evaders to recruiting stations, the problem almost everything will be solved. Land should burn under the feet of draft dodgers. "

"We believe that the service the call should not be devalued. It should be attractive, "- said Smirnov. He recalled that initially planned to have 210 thousand contract servicemen. In fact, the number of contractors has declined slightly.

"It is a measure of coercion. In this method, we wish to raise their wages, "- quoted Smirnov ITAR-TASS.

In turn, the chief of the Office of the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office Lieutenant-General Alexander Nikitin said that once a year to criminal prosecution for evading military service attracted 800 to one thousand people. Thus, according to Nikitin, last year was such evaders 875 people.

High-ranking military recalled that, under Article 328 of the Criminal Code provides for such offenses criminality Up to 2 years in prison, but almost always given a suspended sentence. At the same time, for evading army in vernal appeal this year to administrative charges brought 16,800 young people who had "decided to break the law."

Chief Military Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky on July 18 said that the fight with someone who refuses to appear at the assembly points for military service, you can only provide the certainty of punishment.

Better Fewer, But Better

Commenting on the news about the likely growth period of military service, Vasily Smirnov said: "The Ministry of Defense had no plans, no plans, and does not expect to come out with proposals to increase the term of military service. But the likely increase in age of recruitment "is under discussion in the community."

May 5, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev also said that the Russian authorities do not plan to increase the term of military service by conscription.

Previously, in some media reported that the "military administration of the country is preparing public opinion to the realization that held since 2004-2005, the reforms associated with the transition to a professional army base and a reduction in the duration of military service have failed."

There is always a candidate

Meanwhile, 242 people in the vernal Appeal chose an alternative civilian service.

"There are both deviants who do not want to do any duty military or civilian service — admitted Smirnov. — Such acts for another 6 years of service accumulated over 340 people. "

In total for the vernal call the army were oriented 270 600 thousand Russians have said in the General Staff. In the troops targeted 45 327 thousand people (16.8%), those with higher education professor.

During the vernal call is made all the right, so that the army did not hit young people with a weak health. "We have seen to it that the army did not fall ill surveyed (medical board) citizens — also said Smirnov. — We are like no one interested in so unhealthy in the army was not. "

All in all, the armed forces will be less than 20% of contract servicemen in positions fighter and sergeants. Coupled with that "this matter should be treated differentially. In Chechnya, for example, it will be 100% in the Navy — up to 50% ", — explained Smirnov.

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