Slip the intelligence or betrayal?

For out of the encirclement Khattab paid 500 thousand dollars. But on his way stood the 6th company of the 104th Guards Airborne Regiment. 90 Pskov paratroopers swooped down 2,500 Chechen fighters.

It happened eleven years ago, March 1, 2000. But Sergei S. — special purpose unit officer (osnaz) Head Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the General Staff of all remains not only in memory. In his words, "to history," he kept separate copies of documents with records of radio intercepts in the Argun Gorge. From the discussions on the air death of the 6th Company ceases completely different than saying all these years, the generals.

Secret assignment

That winter, the scouts, "Listener" from osnaz rejoiced. "Shaitanov" vyshybli of Crucible and surrounded by Chateau. In the Argun Gorge, Chechen fighters had to arrange a "little Stalingrad". About 10 thousand bandits were in the mountain "boiler room."

Sergei knows that in those days it was impossible to sleep. Rumbled all around. Day and night terrorists "ironed" our artillery. A Feb. 9 front-line bombers Su-24 for the first time after the operation in Chechnya thrown off by militants in Argun Gorge volume-detonating bombs weighing half a ton. From these "poltorashek" bandits were carrying heavy damage. With the fright they were howling in the air, making it difficult to Russian and Chechen word:

— Rusnya applied the illegal gun. After a hellish explosion of Nokhchi even ash remains.

And then came the tearful pleas for help. The leaders of the rebels surrounded in the Argun Gorge, naming Allah called their own "brothers" in Moscow and severely spare no resources. The purpose of the first — to finish the reset Ichkeria "inhumane vacuum" bomb. The second — to get out into the hallway to Dagestan.

From the "aquarium" — the headquarters of the GRU — osnazovtsam the Caucasus came secret assignment: round the clock to fix all the negotiations not only the fighters, and our command. Agents reported on the intended purpose collusion.

Half a million per pass. Order of heroism

On the last day of February, says Sergey, we managed to intercept a conversation on the radio Khattab and Basayev:

— If the front of the dog (so called militants representatives of internal troops) can agree.

— No, it's goblins (ie, paratroopers, in the jargon of the bandits).

Then Basayev recommends the Black Arab, managing breakthrough:

— Look, maybe, let's go around? They will not let us, but we find ourselves …

— No — meets Khattab — we cuttin them. I paid for the passage of 500 thousand U.S. dollars. And these dragons, goblins heads framed to cover his tracks.

And yet, at the urging of Shamil Basayev first came on the radio to the battalion commander Lt. Col. Mark Evtyuhina, who was in the 6 th company, with an offer to miss their column "in an amicable way."

— We are very many, 10 times more than you. What is the problem for you, commander? Night, the fog — no one will see, and we pay very well — testified by turns Idris, the Abu Walid — commanders of the particularly close to Khattab.

But there was such a virtuoso response mat that talks on the radio quickly ended. And away we go …

The attacks were the waves. It is not psychological, as in the movie "Chapaev" and dushman. Using the mountainous terrain, the militants were picked up almost tightly. And then passed hand to hand fight. In the course were bayonet knives, digging tools, iron butts "bitches" (landing a shortened version of the Kalashnikov assault rifle with folding stock). The commander of a reconnaissance platoon Guard lieutenant Alexei Vorobyov in a merciless battle personally destroyed the warlord Idris, beheading gang. Self-propelled artillery battery commander of the Guard Captain Viktor Romanov mine explosion tore off both his legs. But he lives up to the last Minutka corrected artillery fire.

Company fighting, keeping the height of 20 hours. By militants were tightened two battalions of "White Angels" — Khattab and Basayev. 2500 against 90.

Of the 90 companies of paratroopers killed 84. Later than 22 awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation (21 — posthumously), and 63 were awarded the Order of Courage (posthumously). One of the streets is named Severe naming 84 Pskov paratroopers.

Hattabovtsy lost 457 fighters choice, but have not been able to break through to Selmentauzenu and then — at Vedeno. From there the road to Dagestan was already opened. At the highest order with it removed all roadblocks. Means not lying Khattab. He really bought a pass for half a million bucks.

Povinet "switchman"

Sergey pulls out from the bookshelf spent case. And goes without saying, there. Later pours out on the table a pile of any securities. Quotes the former commander of the group in Chechnya, General Gennady Troshev: "I often ask for torturing yourself the question: was it possible to avoid such losses, if all we do to save the Marines? After all, it is your duty, General, first to plead for the preservation of life. No matter how hard to understand, but, for sure, if we did not all. "

Hero of the Russian Federation is not for us to judge. He died in a plane crash. But until recently, it apparently tortured conscience. After all, according to the testimony of scouts during their reports from February 29 to March 2, the commander could not think. He poisoned counterfeit vodka Mozdok spill.

For the death of the heroic paratroopers then punished "scapegoat": Melentyeva regimental commander was transferred to the Chief of Staff of Ulyanovsk Brigade. In the left hand side and the commander of the eastern group Gen. Makarov (6 times asked him to give Melent'ev company of the opportunity to retreat, not to ruin the children) and the other — General Lenz, who led the task force Airborne.

In those March days when not yet had time to bury the 6th company, the chief of the General Staff Anatoly Kvashnin, as well as other well-known generals of the last Chechen war — Viktor Kazantsev, Gennady Troshev and Vladimir Shamanov visited the capital of Dagestan. There they received from the hands of the local mayor Said Amirov silver Kubachi checkers and diplomas awarded the title of "Honorary Citizen of the town of Makhachkala." On the background of the large losses suffered by Russian troops, it looked very inappropriate and tactless.

Scout picks up another paper. In a memorandum to the then commander of the Airborne Forces, Colonel-General ZHoru Shpak Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev again generals excuses: "Attempts command of Task Force Airborne PTGr (Regimental Combat Team) 104th Guards Parachute relieve the surrounded group because of the heavy fire gangs and complex criteria areas of success did not bring. "

What is behind this phrase? According osnazovets — in this heroic soldiers and officers of the 6th Company and hitherto incomprehensible discrepancies in higher management positions. Why to fit the paratroopers did not come help? At 3:00 am on March 1 was able to break through to the surrounded platoon gain, which was headed by Deputy Evtyuhina Guard Maj. Alexander Dostavalov who later died in conjunction with the 6th company. But why only one platoon?

— Terribly read about it, — Sergey picks up another document. — But two-thirds of our paratroopers were killed by their own artillery fire. I was on March 6 at this altitude. There's an old beeches, as oblique oblique. Mortars, "Nona" and regimental artillery over this place in the Argun gorge released about 1,200 of ammuniti
on. And true that Mark Tipo Evtyuhin said on the radio: "Calling on the fire itself." In fact, he shouted: "You are the goats, you have thrown, bitch!"

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