Solarium seen — a guarantee of obtaining even tan

Fashion on a beautiful tan introduced in the twenties of the last century Coco Chanel. Since then, many women wish to have a chocolate color was the idea Fixe, which today can be easily turned into reality by visiting the solarium prominent.  The appearance of the UV rays can get a nice modern fashionistas skin tone all year, and today there are few who believe in the horrors that tell physicians about the dangers of UV exposure.

Customer service by highly qualified specialists in the field of laser and photodynamic technology allows you to create an individual program for the solarium. For each visitor to "Beauty prominent" is defined by your photo type, which is determined by the quality and quantity of melanin, the body responsible for the insolation. Melanin — a dark pigment produced by ultraviolet irradiation of amino acids. People with fair skin (1-2 phototype) in the epidermis contains a small amount of melanin granules, in contrast to the population of the southern regions. Stimulate the production of melanin is only a gradual effect on melanocytes, using UV rays. Sunburn, skin that gets the long exposure to the sun, do not stimulate the formation of melanin, the skin and cause significant harm. Solarium has its advantages:

  • solarium tanning amenable strict dosage;
  • solarium not production particularly harmful UV-A;
  • the use of special cosmetics that stimulate melanin synthesis;
  • stimulate melanin production for a longer time than with sunburn.

Obtained in the solarium "shield" of melanin provides a safe stay on the sunny beaches, without the risk of getting burned.

Visit the beauty parlor, tanning salon or for a woman is always associated with a desire to get the maximum care for the face and body. Prominent women's haircut, hairstyle, nail extensions, botox or epilation, require a professional approach and high standards of service. Only on special equipment in the presence of high-quality cosmetics can achieve the desired results. In beauty salons are widely used tools from well-known firms such as Barex Joc Care, Nano Professional, and Emerald Bay, which are distributed among professional beauticians and hairdressers. Confidence experienced professionals ensures obtaining the quality of services at a high level.

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