In Kiev on the street lives solar Nicholas Dolgoruky, who for five years … I do not eat. Drinking tea, coffee and juices, and is powered by the sun. So its in our city and is called: Solntseedy.

About Dolgoruky know all the inhabitants of the Solar and neighboring streets.
— Is it true that he does not eat meat? — Doubts man showing me the way. — I saw him in the yard chickens walk.
Chickens did not notice, but discovered structures remotely resembling either a yurt, or pyramid.
— I saw him go to be treated, — said Edward, one of the neighbors Solntseedy. — There were our neighbors when they back ached. Nicholas put them in their pyramids — said helped.
— He is the same Solntseedy I ballerina — shrugs off old age lady. — Is it possible to eat the sun?
Dolgoruky states can. He became interested in the unusual in childhood. And it started with a personal tragedy when Nicholas was 10, his older brother died, and then my father. The boy began to think about death, about where it happens to people after. I started reading about it, collect the clippings, watching his father donated by the book "Hatha Yoga and Health". Over time, engaged in healing and moved to a special post: 14 years on his menu were only porridge, vegetables and fruits. Finally, August 25, 2003 Dolgoruky suddenly threw himself there. Explain why suddenly, plainly can not — inspiration, said it was "never thought that I will come to that." Throwing is, Nicholas began to look at the sun.
The first two weeks solntseedstva stomach Dolgoruky arranged revolution. On the third week of hunger start to disappear — unless dreamed buns with poppy seeds, which are very fond of Nicholas. He woke up in a cold sweat, "Do broke?" And sighed with relief: it's a dream.
Even during the holidays Solntseedy does not allow himself any gastronomic pleasures.

— At the celebration, we're going to the same table, — says his wife, Lyubov. — My husband drinks, we eat your children. By the power system husband, I am positive, but it all herself.
Kept asking, why should he need such limits?
— For the purity of body and soul — says Dolgoruky. — It is easier to treat people. I do not get sick, I can only catch a cold in the damp weather. I am 50 years — no one believes it, and I myself feel at 35.
However, to repeat the experience Solntseedy Dolgoruky nobody recommends:
— Without the advice of doctors, including an ophthalmologist, you can not switch to this form of power. This is dangerous! So I never did not call or look at the sun or throw is.
This Zaporozhye Dolgoruky in solidarity with the doctors: hazardous and that, and more. And that Nicholas is healthy and looks much younger than their peers, so different only ones in the world is — that it is good, the average person can not afford.
And life without them would be boring.

Svetlana Oleynik. Zaporozhye.

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