Sports betting does not believe in sanctions

The company's management "Sports betting" znyapravzhvae information regarding restrictions on the part of the European Union. This is Liberty spokeswoman Irina company Urbanowicz.

"Where did this information, we do not know, because no official information was not. Moreover, it can be noted that on June 8 at the General Assembly in Helsinki company" Sports betting "was included in the European Lottery Association, which is a recognition of the status of and accordingly a further fruitful cooperation. "

The company said, in part "Sports betting" is owned by businessman Vladimir Peftieva.

A spokesman for the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Savinykh said that the introduction of new sanctions by the EU after the Belarusian Foreign Ministry comment on official information.

The enterprise "Beltechexport" declined to comment.

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