Struck by lightning woman survived, making a unique VIDEO





Jessica Lynch, who managed to make a unique video of lightning, lost consciousness after a bunch of glowing hot gas hit straight into it. According to the 33-year-old resident of Washington, lightning struck her in the left hand, passed through the hands and back, reports The Telegraph.

The victim was able to call out a word or two, and then lost consciousness. When she came to, her breath for a while, "reminiscent of hiccups: jerky and quick," and her left arm was similar to the "unconscious fish out of water."

The woman was hospitalized, however, according to the doctors, her health was not caused any damage. The video, which she made in such dire circumstances, Lynch published on the Internet.

Explaining his reckless actions, the woman said that rumbles storm seemed very far away. She did not even occurred to me that leaning out of an open window with a camera, it exposes itself to any risk. Police lover of thrills promised next time to be more cautious.

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