Such attacks on journalists and human rights defenders in the CIS was not yet

During the first month of work in Minsk mission of international observers recorded more than 100 cases of human rights violations in Belarus.

Create Observation Mission of the Committee on International Control over the Human Rights Situation in Belarus was the response of civil society in the OSCE numerous violations of human rights, as well as pressure on human rights activists, journalists, lawyers, after December 19.

Within a month, the mission was attended by 13 human rights activists from Armenia, Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine. Says a representative of the mission, a member of the coordinating council of the International Youth Human Rights Movement Victoria Gromov:

Victoria Gromov

"For this time mission representatives tried to respond quickly to more than 10 cases of searches in human rights organizations, journalists and lawyers' environment. For this time mission representatives documented over 100 cases of human rights violations, pressure or obstacles in the activities of human rights organizations, journalists, lawyers community. "

Human rights activists went to the searches in the offices of "Viasna", BHC, electronic industry trade union, human rights defenders Anastasia Loikaw, Oleg Gulak, Ales Bialiatski, journalist Irina brunette.

Ales Bialiatski

Mikael Danielian

Jeanne Litvin

Ales Bialiatski"The most interesting — when moving from the office to my house, the cottage, when the KGB-Schnick talking among themselves on walkie-talkies, one of the questions was:" And journalists there? Human rights activists have? "The fact is, the presence of human rights defenders and journalists creates a degree of control, civilian control over the actions of the KGB during the searches."

Expert Commission on Human Rights, the chairman of the Armenian Helsinki Association Mikael Danielian shared his impressions:

"Such attacks on journalists and human rights activists — in the CIS such massive violations, I believe, has ever had. We are, however, also experienced a bit of a shock in 2008, March 1 in Armenia. But the one who holds the position of President of Armenia, was wiser and did not touch the journalists, human rights defenders are not touched. "

The BAJ Jeanne Litvin emphasized the importance of peer support, solidarity — it allows you to Belarusian journalists feel a part of the international community. Especially since he has suffered and many foreign journalists:

"Change the situation, we can only together. We must force the government to respect themselves. Deny beat us, to prohibit damage to the equipment. By the way, the Criminal Code contains 198 articles, provides for criminal liability for interference, obstruction of legitimate professional journalism. Now we need an invoice, it is very, very accurate. After all, I do not exclude that will appeal to open a criminal case against those government officials who have violated against us, this article 198. "

Representatives of the international observer mission is expected to continue to work to wait for the judicial process, to inform international organizations about the situation in Belarus.


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