Suicide by strike — is this act of a normal person?

Went second month hunger strike presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich in the KGB detention center. Neither relatives politics nor a lawyer on the state of his health is not known. However, all of who are more or less knows Statkevich, convinced that he would go to the end of the hunger strike and will not stop, because it is "the internal principles and beliefs."

Our listeners and visitors have different opinions protests Statkevich, which requires the authorities to cancel the election results. Some participants in the forum "Freedom" report that they understand the goals Statkievich. Like, how can a normal person expect that "somehow soften Lukashenko"? Others advise the policy to be courageous, but not crazy. Third, the majority of them, called an indefinite hunger strike Statkievich act of desperation courageous man.

What are the changes in the physical and mental health after 30 days of hunger strike? On this topic in our current program argue experts — physicians and psychiatrists.

"The hunger strike — a serious test for the brain and body"

According to experts in the field of internal medicine, prolonged refusal to eat — is in itself a lot of stress on the body. If the period of the hunger strike more than a month, the body can begin irreversible changes, says Ming doctor Alexander:

"With such a long term starvation in humans occur problems with immunity and start degeneratyvnyya or degenerative changes in the heart, liver and kidneys. And this in turn can lead to a fatal outcome."

Statkevich: "I'm the idea guy" …

According to the psychiatrist, Igor, in a state of hunger in the first place there is the so-called asthenic factor — that is, increased vtomnasts, nyavstoylivasts mood, irritability, weakening of self-control, neperanosnasts strong sounds, bright lights, strong smells, etc.:

"Clearly, this is an ordeal for the whole body, including for the brain as the substrate of our psyche. Man gets tired, as most of the load. Of course, when it's way out of hunger and the person returns to eating, fatigue disappears. "

"People who go to such a death, categorically not people"

The people who are actually going to commit suicide through such forms of non-violent protest, as the hunger strike or self-immolation is sometimes described as individuals with certain mental problems. Such judgments from time to time and to the sound of Prague student Jan Palach, who in 1969 set himself on fire in Wenceslas Square in Prague in protest against the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia.

"Are these people sick?" — I asked the Ming psychiatrist clinicians Igor:

"Absolutely not. These people not sick. They are going to take this step because of another way to express themselves and be heard, they have not. In other words, a person consciously chooses the path that leads to death. He believes that the authorities do not carry out their normal functions. The case of each person — to live or not to live. starvation or samaspalvanne — it is a protest. This is not a good life, and of despair. In vain to achieve all legal means. To be able to reach this power, so who would go hungry? "

"History has several examples of ideological resistance to the hungry, which ended in the death of the hungry" …

In an interview with Nikolai Statkevich said he does not want to end up in jail, but it said: "I'm the idea guy. And, if not, I will have no hesitation."

History has witnessed several examples of ideological resistance to the hungry, which ends with the death of starving. Vaevniki Irish Republican troops were starving in a British prison "Maze" in 1981, and Soviet dissident Anatoly Marchenko — in a Soviet prison in 1986. Just like the iPad for, starving exhibited political demands that were not met by the authorities. General demanded rejection of the election results, the Irish demanded the status of political prisoners, Marchenko — the release of all dissidents in the Soviet Union.


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