Taung skull mystery

February 20, 2012 16:03

A situation which got an Indian photojournalist Regret Iyer lives in Bengalora looks much less serious fun. The young man's lifelong dream to get to the page of the book of Guinness World Records, but in a time when preparations were underway for the accomplishment of a dream, he had no idea how valuable materials at his disposal. Essentially Ayer tried to prove only that it is in India for the first time flew motor unit and that built it taught named Talpand. The world's first plane took off into the air on one of the beaches of Bombay exactly eight years before the famous flight of Orville Wright.

As a proof of Regret Iyer intended to present to the headquarters of the Book of Records in London clay platinum and some ancient tome, in which there was an indication: the engines of the airplane allegedly worked on the energy of the sun. Aircraft itself, which is depicted on clay, like a modern airliners, but the wings of this kind of "spindles" shorter than those that we see in modern aircraft designs and attributed somewhat closer to the tail.

On the study finds journalist joined linguists and cryptology. After a brief study of scientists recommended Regretu Iyer not to rush the decision. With careful reading of the ancient document was found that he due to the limited knowledge in this area rushed to judgment. Scientists have determined that the record in the folio found dates back to the more ancient: it was reported that many generations passed each other chroniclers of the ancient legend of the aircraft, which appears in the current Bombay more than a thousand years ago. That is why in the church where Regret Iyer discovered tome, long kept out of clay and the plaque detailing the heavenly miracle and its graphic pattern. Recently, the head of the temple gave the British scientist and an exact copy of this plate, only done on a wooden board and painted in the national technology rongo rongo.

Norwegian scientist and explorer Thor Heyerdahl proposed working hypothesis that these tablets were first manufactured in South America, and later for many years they, along with the ancient mariners sailed to India and China. A number of foreign scientists have another version that did these signs in all parts of our globe almost simultaneously and were a sort of farewell message, which left space travelers Aboriginal earthlings. Perhaps it is the desire to live in peace and in memory of himself they left pictures of ships visiting Earth.

Find in Bangalore, India, therefore, is a confirmation of this release. However, the interesting finding is not only that. Subsequent transcripts in folio given the opportunity to discover evidence that the aircraft pictured was actually a plane and its main purpose is not travel in space, and movement in the earth's atmosphere. By itself, this fact is already open, as he denied the version of scientists, that when visiting the Earth to study it and move the aliens used the spacecraft.

On the island of Crete excavations are every year, but in recent years the interesting findings is decreasing. Island excavated almost around the perimeter and to a considerable depth. But at the end of last year, archaeologists removed a large fragment of an unknown object out of clay, which saved the image system, a striking resemblance to the layout and shape the look of modern heavy helicopter. The find was examined carefully, it is somewhat different from the previously observed rongo rongo tablets, but at the same time made a similar technique. It is also not in doubt, and an object is at such a depth that the cultural layer undoubtedly corresponds to the time distant from modern 1.5-2 thousand years.

For a long time the origin of the famous "Taung child" remained a mystery. Back in 1924 the skull of a previously unknown creature was discovered during excavations near the village of the same name located in the north-west of South Africa. One of the first scholars of African professionals with an unusual finding acquainted Professor Raymond Dart representing Vituotersrend University in Johannesburg. Professional and experienced archaeologist, was able to tell immediately from the cranium often falls into the excavation baboon skulls. Creature whose skull archaeologist in his hands, he called "Australopithecus africanus" meaning ape of South Africa. Admittedly, that cranium looked really impressive: a high forehead and round with no visible brow, somewhat elegant jaw, cheeks, thin bones and everything pointed to the humanoid. Skull has a volume of 405 cubic centimeters and perhaps he might grow up to 440 cm3 with age. According to the structure of the skull of its owner was a creature walked upright and bipedal. Contemporaries by the commitment of Raymond Dart in arms, claiming that the discovered skull belongs to a monkey, since in the early stages of development of human and ape babies are very similar to the structure of the body. But end the matter raised in 1944, finding the adult Australopithecus. The author finds Shterkfonteyn was, from the time the evil tongues have died down, and being called "Taung child" was named the distant ancestor of man.

Modern scholars, despite the official "recognition" of orthodox scientists point to some of the theory does not fit the skull, "Taung child". Lee Berger and Ron Clarke representatives of the same university as Raymond Dart, for several years studied the remains. Later, they conjectured that, moreover, they do not belong to an earthly being, and humanoid. The indisputable fact remains that he died not of his death, and was killed. This is confirmed by characteristic lesions found on the skull. Such traces may remain after the fall of the sharp stones that form the basis of the soil in the area. Just Berger and Clarke argue that the humanoid was not a childhood, and adult. How and why he died is not known, the possibility of landing ship was very tough, and possibly tell the difference in the gravitational attraction, and the stranger just do not take into account when making the first step on our planet.

The most interesting thing in this situation is another. Based on modern analysis found that the death of "humanoid Taung" occurred 2.5 million years ago. This confirms the existing version of the aliens visiting Earth since its inception, and we meet or who does not exclude the other.

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