The aliens are studying British military bases


London, June 26 (New Region, Alexey Usov) — Being in night patrol, the British soldiers noticed over Tern Hill barracks in Shropshire 13 unidentified flying objects. According to one of three soldiers, 38-year-old Corporal Mark Proctor, flying objects, similar to the rotating glowing cubes, appeared in the sky on June 7, just after 11:00 pm, the UFO looked like a spinning glowing cubes. Eyewitnesses describe the color favored. The corporal was able to photograph two objects on a mobile phone before the UFO disappeared. Recording is currently studying the experts of the Ministry of Defense, reports FactNews, referring to the newspaper The Telegraph.

"I was on duty in the guard room when the guys on the street began to cry. I went outside and saw 13 flying objects in the air. They were moving from side to side and looked like multi-colored rotating cubes. I reported to his command and gave them a shot at the "mobile" record, "- said Mark Proctor.

At the same time, other soldiers also claim to have seen a UFO, but describe them completely differently. According to the group, the objects were about 30, they were bright red and flew noiselessly, very high, but slowly.

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