The arrested protesters in the square of Silence released

Detained during the "campaign of silence", which took place on January 21 in Minsk on October Square, was released from a portion of the night.

According to the website to the Central police station were delivered to eight people. This Vladimir Karjakin (Ukraine citizen), Dmitry Gaishun, Dmitry Karamalikav, Andrew Designs, Maxim nut, Sergei Nedaseykin, Maxim Vinyarski, Jaroslav Likhachevsky.

According to human rights activists, some of them, including Maxim Vinyarski, were released around midnight.

Riot policemen involved in the arrest on October Square, behaved rude, insulting and used physical force. Human rights activists also point out that half of the detainees held at a specified process-Executive Code of three hours.

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