The branch of JSC IDGC of Center — Tambovenergo expands fleet vehicles

Car Park branch of JSC "IDGC of Center" — "Tambovenergo" added 21 new unit of special purpose vehicles. The solemn transfer of traffic engineering in the areas of electrical networks took place on the basis of the Tambov region of electrical networks (RES).


At the disposal of the branch of JSC "IDGC of Center" — "Tambovenergo" received seven units of workshops MAVR on GAZ designed for mobile teams that will perform repairs to restore the power supply in the event of adverse weather conditions. All-terrain vehicles MAVR-48852 chassis for off-road terrain 4 × 4 gas has a high driving characteristics, a van with a compartment for comfortable placement of personnel, auxiliary heating, welding generator, elektrotochilom, drilling machine and the compressor unit.

An important acquisition for Tambovenergo became truck crane "Chelyabinets" on the chassis of terrain 6? 6 KamAZ carrying capacity of 25 tons, intended for work in difficult road conditions for installation and dismantling of bearings 35-110 kV overhead lines and replacement of transformers weighing up to 20 tons


TERRION tractor with timber mill ATM 4200 is used for clearing the trails and high-voltage power lines networks. At the end of last year, Tambov Energy tested the technique that has shown good results. In one working day using a tractor with timber cutter cleared the team of Power 4 km of overhead lines lines (PTL). For comparison — the monthly rate is similar to clearing the site without the use of special equipment.

Two workshops NefAZ on the chassis of KAMAZ-road 4 × 4, intended for transportation maintenance crew service lines. Kung vehicle is equipped with an auxiliary heater, sink and comfortable seating 4-6 people, as well as Kung has insulated cargo space to carry all the necessary equipment to carry out the repair work.

In addition, in early 2012, is expected to complete the second phase of admission 35 units of automotive and specialized equipment. Among them — 15 UAZ vehicles to transport repair crews Branch; Jaeger 2 on the off-road chassis terrain 4 × 4 Double Cab GAS; lifts APP-14 Jaeger 2 on the off-road chassis terrain 4 × 4 gas, and other special equipment, which significantly improve the performance of operation and maintenance personnel Tambovenergo.

The use of new technology will contribute to the successful passage of the autumn-winter period, the improvement of working conditions of the staff of, quality and uninterrupted power supply to consumers. The use of modern technology will facilitate the work of Power, which has a positive impact on the quality and turnaround time.

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