The capital of Mordovia was again seen UFOs


The capital of Mordovia on Thursday night observed an unidentified flying object. As told Trend. RIA "Info-RM" witnesses, he appeared on the south-western area of the city around midnight.

"The version that is a satellite or an airplane, immediately disappeared, as similar to the bright plasmoid body moved, not the straight path, and maneuvered from side to side" — told the witnesses. Besides, even for the aircraft altitude was too small.

In addition, an unidentified flying object seen over Saransk, from time to time to modify their brightness, color and shape. He faded to barely noticeable glow, and then flared up, and the nucleus was visible a small halo and rays.

This was an unusual occurrence residents Saransk watched more than an hour, after which the UFO literally disappeared into the night sky.


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