The car burst eternity

December 27, 2011 5:49

The car burst eternity

Steps in the past and the future confidently made famous British aircraft designer William Dunn. In 1927, at his own expense published a book "The experiment with the times", immediately called the Albert Einstein complete nonsense. However, it seems that after reconsideration. Brought Dunnu sincere apologies. Backed by an approving foreword to the second edition of the expanded considerably stouter volume.
To understand that the great physicist impressed easily. However, you can try to adapt the difficult postulates Dunn on time. Space and place them in person.


Dunn is not followed by Einstein, and Einstein followed Dunnom said that the boundaries between past, present and future — no more than an illusion. Not from somewhere, and it's own prophetic dreams William Dunn learned the actual study of the concept of time series, the cornerstone of which was the conclusion that the human brain is solely responsible for what is happening at the moment. That the past and the future, when the brain is fixated on short-term events that have no significance.

Dunn, according to his associates, delivered from times past and future, is strong evidence that the "trips — there and back" — not the product of fiction and fantasy. As it was doing the famous aircraft that does not require "additional portions of Fame" follows from the phrase: "I thought of optimal location of hundreds of mirrored panels, first narkotiziruyuschee my brain, then, respectively, of myself, torn away from this with a preference for other times and spaces ".

"That's all things?" — Exclaimed incredulously British ghost hunter Harry Price — founder and head of the Laboratory of parapsychological research, University of London, who has expressed a desire to also ride in a time machine. Dunn did not refuse, then Price has changed radically, "the concept of ghosts', calling ghost companions of time travel.


For information about upcoming important events Prices received from the ghost Dunn and met with him on what is called the bridge of eternity, for the classification of lifetime aircraft, platform time machine. But that when he dies, learned earlier — when the heart stopped beating Dunn. "I was fast asleep, and was awakened by a blinding light, which did not even weaker window blinds. Got up, walked around the room, realizing that it is able to push himself dense light beams as snow shake hands "- says Price.

In reality the further development of events, of course, you can not believe. But — called Price — to believe. Because the bridge of eternal time he was thrown out by a gust of wind squall burst open window. Instantly soared, feeling bodily fragility over poorly lit neighborhoods. Fell into a kind of silvery haze. Dunn was waiting there, "not sad, but the same optimistic, as always." Having said that removed the world live forever, where will be led by Price and other successors, who are expected to amaze achievements in the field of the study of time and space.
"I have a few words of pathos alerted teachers, has always been a dry pedantry thinking, inability to flatter and praise, even if successful in a joint experimentation" — writes Price.

Ghost said to continue experiments with the time machine earthly life more than enough to complete an experiment that did not finish it myself, going to out-of-service airport Burch Newton, in Norfolk, in Keynes's Lynn. How to show price, anticipating further its "idle inquiries, ghost, losing strength and began to crumble sparkles faintly said that the airfield — the perfect place to meet with him.

Price, "almost choked disbelief in what happens after the funeral of William Dunn immediately arrived at the airport. As a result, publishing The crankiness in 1936 published his book "The machine serial time", eager to convince the wonders of dreamers, there is no death. As its alternative, a time machine, which provides an opportunity to "re-learn their own lives, at the request of going into the past and the future."

Burch Newton airfield, built in 1914, was used for its intended purpose before the end of World War II, when he left for combat missions British pilots and their allies — Canadians with the Australians. In 1946, the runway lights were officially extinguished forever. Officers' mess, the hostel was converted into a hotel. Let the production-technical complex won the Royal National Documentary Film Studio, whose staff immediately began to see all sorts of oddities. In particular, there have been mass sightings of lights take-off, dismantled after the close, quiet aircraft flights of the early centuries and thirties. There were encounters with people in uniform, as told BBC reporter Mary Bumbry, willingly going to the contacts to convey information about a bad the jobs.

Mrs. Bumbry, spending a lot of time in the archives of the Air Force needs, make sure that the names that are in a meeting with her called "vague pilots" really on the list of the personnel of the squadrons and regiments stationed at the airport during their operational use . Moreover, Mary, personally familiar with the price, which received a tempting offer to experiment with serial time, as she put it, "agreed, trembling impatience, without hesitation, hoping to prepare a series of articles about a man who thinks he won the time, grabbed beard of God. "

First gear, prepared with new items, a recorder for BBC London Bureau, left no doubt that Mrs. Bumbry now confident that Harry Price absolutely nothing it seems. But mentor journalist Price, who died of a heart attack, was a little over a month. Mrs. Bumbry had he studied his "Aerodrome Diaries" with a description of the experiments that took place a long time ago, still under the protection of Dunn.

A long voyage on the river of time, she went alone, and then waking meeting with Pryce and Dunnom, calling contacts continuity of generations of immortal time travelers.


Mary Bumbry, settling at na former airfield, as it emphasized in a BBC radio series, is sent back in time "on a daily basis, starting pa wings of time in exactly 17 hours, ending with a walk, followed by a strong headache, exactly 17 hours 30 minutes. " As a rule, "sending" took place in the presence of many witnesses, who, along with her 5-10 minutes heard the typical sounds of the airfield — the roar of engines taking off and coming to the landing, and sometimes — the voices of staff, discuss specific technical issues. And very, very rarely clearly and loudly, "broadcast" radio snatches pilots, whose cars were in extreme, incompatible with the life of the tragic circumstances.

But if others only saw Mary Bumbry immediately "entered" a blinding light beams that carry the epicenter of disaster. What is important is invaluable, a young reporter, no one could catch that, being overly impressionable, it becomes "something like a hallucination for reality."

Mrs. Bumbry, a vast heritage which has no analogues documentaries, from every raid in the past brought photographic evidence of contacts — about 1500 meters of 35mm exposed black and white film.

OVER THREE wreckage

Time machine, which was able to manage Mrs. Bumbry, without going into detail, compared with the infinite gun barrels, in which, at a rate exceeding twice the speed of light, "painless and convenient," she moved. Stopping point determined some external will. What is that such will, Mary did not know exactly, but the "feel, felt exactly what she" ordered "get only the nodes of emergency, with terrible consequences circumstances. Thanks to aviation historians were able to learn the true reasons for the severity of the impact of irreversible air accidents.

Take a plane crash, "Epson", on board shortly before the death of the crew visited Mary Bumbry. Had time to use the camera and watch as the three pilots — Pat Sullivan, Dusty Miller, Jerry Arnold — "not realizing that died, still able to hang in the ghostly ruins of the car, which, thanks to their courage, did manage to divert side of the building of the cathedral, on which to fall. "

"Without fear and without reproach, I conclude earthly life, because I know that billions and billions of other humans, born and died on this planet, continue to seek the truth in imperishable. I know that our task — to learn and create. Everyone can go through this endless "- in 1958, said Mary Bumbry BBC colleague Leon Haiku. The conversation took place in the Sahara desert in the night. Hike in the morning, leaving the tent of Mary, heard behind him a shot.

After escaping crew members found the woman dead. The attacker shot through the sheet out of the rifle, point blank. Perpetrator was found. Forever shrouded in mystery, Mrs. Bumbry, crowned with the title of the only reliable time traveler, took another secret to eternity.

Alexander Volodya

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