The claim will be considered Avtoradio February 1

A preparatory meeting for the claim "Autoradio" the Supreme Economic Court to invalidate the decision to stop broadcasting station is scheduled for February 1. This is the director "Autoradio" Yuri Bazan.

January 17 guide "Autoradio" filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Economic Court to invalidate the decision of the Republican Committee of Television and Radio to stop broadcasting station. Also, according to Bazan, the management station has filed a similar lawsuit on the prevention of the Ministry of Information, which "Autoradio" received by mail on January 13, after the cessation of broadcasting.

Minsk broadcast radio station "Autoradio" was terminated on January 12. Such a solution adopted Republican Commission on Television and Radio. According to the official statement of the cause of the termination of broadcasting was the dissemination of information on the radio station, "containing public calls to extremist activity." This is the reason indicated in the prevention of the Ministry of Information. According to the director of the radio station, February 1, will be considered both writs "Autoradio".

According to Bazan, caused the closure was broadcast on the air "Autoradio" during the campaign by Presidential Elections campaign materials presidential candidates Andrei Sannikov and Vladimir Neklyaeva. In particular, in the video of Andrei Sannikov said that "the destiny of the country is decided not in the kitchen, and in the square." "Can this phrase be regarded as a call for extreme actions, I do not know" — said Bazan. Moreover, head of the radio station said that according to the law on the press, the media can only be closed by the court.

"Avtarydye-Minsk" — the first radio station in Belarus, which began broadcasting after the collapse of the Soviet Union. From 1992 until January 20, 1995 the station was working only on the frequency 67.7 FM, and then had a break in broadcasting until the summer of 1999. Then again led the broadcast at that frequency, but in a new format of "20 Minutes." December 4, 2001 was officially launched parallel frequency 105.1 FM. "Autoradio" is the only private radio station in Belarus, which has its own FM-transmitters and antenna.

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