The confrontation between Israel and Iran submarines in the reddish sea

The confrontation between Israel and Iran submarines in the Red SeaCommander of the Iranian Navy Admiral Sayar said Tehran to carry out patrolling the waters of the sea Reddish sends a submarine (Submarine Project 877 EKM "Varshavyanka" Our homeland) and a frigate. Submarines 877EKM displacement of 3040 tons. Armament — 6 torpedo tubes of 533 mm ammunition — 24 18 torpedoes or mines. The greatest depth — 350 m, autonomy — 45 days, the crew of the ship — 57 people. According to Sayar, the purpose of the task force, while in the waters of the sea Reddish, not just patrolling, and demonstration battle power and abilities Iran.

This raid into waters that wash the coast of the Arabian Peninsula and Africa, is not the first submarine to the Iranian navy in 2011. In late May, Iran submarine "Yonos" (also 877EKM) for the first time in the history of the Navy of this country has made unprecedented in duration and distance swimming, during which crossed the north-western Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Aden and was headed for the ultimate goal of the campaign — reddish sea. The stated aim of the campaign was the operative recovery disk imaging. In July, the Navy commander Iran said that his subordinates are just waiting for "go-ahead" to governments in order to combat ships went even further. In an excellent plan is the presence of the Iranian Navy's own ships in the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and international waters. With a positive final decision of the ships will be oriented in the waters of the Atlantic.

Tel Aviv, taking into account such developments was quick with a significant response to the statement by the Iranian admiral Sayar. The Israelis immediately dispatched two missile boats in the waters of the sea Reddish. At this time in the battle of the Navy Israel There are three class submarine "Dolphin", built in Germany. They are a major part of the nuclear shield "defenseless" Jewish state. Available to the Israeli military launched cruise missiles with a range of 1,500 km can carry not only the mundane, and nuclear warheads. All three Israeli submarines are on combat duty in the Mediterranean. At times, one of them through the Suez Canal accompanied corvette runs on a short term in the reddish sea.

The presence of a submarine near the Iranian coast, according to the views of Israeli strategists must guarantee a retaliatory nuclear strike on Iran, in this case the endless enemies of Tel Aviv (Damascus, Tehran, the Palestinian movement "Hamas" and the Lebanese, "Hezbollah") will be able to cause tangible harm to other components constituting the nuclear deterrent Israel. Specifically to combat all submarines should relocate to the Persian Gulf, to be able to keep an eye under rocket whole area of Iran.

Israeli submarine "Leviathan", "dolphin" and "Tecum" has long been quite mastered the waters of the Persian Gulf. But if they had previously walked there, skirting Africa, in the last few months of the route passes through the Suez Canal and on to reddish sea. Perhaps it is in this is the secret of significant attention paid to it by the Iranian Navy.

Now between the "Dolphins" of Israel and "Varshavyanka" Iran has developed par — 3 of 3. But the Navy Israel to the merits of advantages already ordered two submarines of the same type. Be sure that a similar move by Israel is not going unnoticed Iranian military, and there is no doubt that the armed Navy Iran very recently there will be new submarines as a response to Israel.

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