The court fined the Kolyma big fishermen for poaching

Ola district court Magadan region after two years of proceedings admitted Magadan resident Anatoly Kotov guilty of illegal exploitation of marine biological resources with damage of $ 3.6 million rubles, and fined him 200,000 rubles, told RIA Novosti on Monday, representatives of the regional prosecutor's office.

"In the course of a judicial investigation established that Kotov, as director of" Encausse "based on paid service agreement with FSUE" Magadan NIRO "pledged to master research quota issued by this scientific institution. He had the right to produce 20 tonnes of salmon, 55 tons of chum, coho 10 tons, 5 tons of trout, but concealed the actual number produced, "- said the official.

According to him, Anatoly Kotov systematically invested in the fishing records distorted information about the caught fish. The court found that he had illegally obtained the 5.5 tons of salmon, of which produced 195 pounds of salted roe. In addition, it produced 13.5 tons of chum salmon, of which produced 425 pounds of salted roe.

"Judicial review of the criminal case began in May 2010. Twice acquitted by the court, which has twice the panel of judges in criminal cases the Magadan Regional Court abolished and sent the case for re-examination in the same court in another panel of judges. During the last court hearing were investigated additional evidence submitted by the parties that formed the basis for the court's verdict of guilty, "- said the representative office.

Ola district court found Kotova guilty to illegal exploitation of living aquatic resources with big damage and misuse of official position and sentenced him to a fine of 200 thousand rubles.

The verdict is not yet.

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