The Earths axis shifted by an earthquake in 17 centimeters

Shifted Earth's axisThe massive earthquake in Japan has led to a shift in the Earth's own axis around which the planet is balanced by weight, of 17 centimeters and a reduction in the length of Earth's day by 1.8 microseconds. These improved data led Richard Gross of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, located in Pasadena (California). Two days were other options — 15 centimeters and 1.6 microseconds.

Preliminary calculations have to check and adjust based on the testimony orbiting U.S. satellites. Their data can create the most accurate picture of developments in the world of change. Scientists believe highly probable new adjustments continuing high seismic activity in Japan. However, they will be very minor.
As explained by Ross ITAR-TASS, own the Earth's axis, which should not be confused with the axis of rotation of the planet, is moving constantly under the influence of any of the events that lead to a change in the mass distribution of large objects on the surface. "Length of days is changed in the same way as a skater increases the speed of the body on the ground, pressing his hands to his sides. Earthquake in Japan shifted the mass of the Earth so that the planet was spinning faster. Accordingly, the length of the day was reduced," — said NASA scientist .
Specialist cataclysm in Japan compared with last year's earthquake off the coast of Chile. It shifted the Earth on its own axis is 8 centimeters and reduced length of a day by 1.26 microseconds.
What happened on March 11 8.9 magnitude earthquake in northeast Japan Meteorological Agency as a national of the strongest on record. The number of victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan has exceeded one thousand. However, observers have no doubt that more than 10,000 victims of the earthquake and followed them to the devastating tsunami in only one Japanese prefecture of Miyagi, which suffered the most from the disaster.


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