The ghost of a living person


Very interesting story told my good friend a few years ago. He was at home, sitting in my room. In the sitting room of his grandfather. The way of entrance into the hall runs past the door of the room other in the hall there are two doors — in other rooms. So, Joe was lying on the couch with a book and heard the sound of footsteps. Someone walked down the hall to the room (when he looked up from his book, steps have already been heard from the audience), and after a while he heard his grandfather calling.

When my grandfather saw Vanya comes out of his room, his eyes literally crawled on his forehead, and in a couple of minutes he said that he saw. From the entrance hall a man came into the room, like two peas similar to his grandson (my friend). Those flowing hair, dark face, a black silk shirt … This man went to the middle of the room stood a moment, and went into a room where there is access to the balcony. My grandfather got up and looked after him, the room was empty, on the balcony — no one. Then he called his grandson, and I saw him coming entirely from the other room …

Vani grandfather then told me that when he saw the man, he was attacked by a strange torpor. He could not bring himself to move or speak. That force could not. That is, there was no sense of physical inability to do anything, was the inability to give yourself an order to do something. It's been only ten seconds after the man came out of the field of vision of his grandfather. Vanya has great respect for his grandfather, and he is not an old man, to see what is not there, well, you know what I mean. Even scary is …

Abnormal news 24,2008

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