The incident in Vargina

January 10, 2012 7:05

Military and police found the remains of a UFO crashed in the region, Brazil

Vargin — A small town in Brazil, most notably the construction of which is recognized as a water tower in the shape of a giant mushroom. But that is where most cases are different stories related to UFO and newcomers.
In 1996, radio and television time Brazil exploded message media agency "fantastic." It provided details of the direct contact with human beings, which people took for newcomers. Not only that, the local authorities with the command firefighters were able to detain one of them!

January 20, 1996, three young girls aged 14 to 21 years met near a strange two-legged creature that was severely weakened and exhausted. Valkyrie sisters Lillian and Fatima Silva, and their friend Kate Andrade described it this way: creating low growth of about 160 cm, his thin legs in different directions, feet relatively large, large head, which clearly stood out red eyes, the skin a brownish tint , shiny, as if it is lubricated with oil. From a stranger came sharp and unpleasant smell.

The girls were frightened when he turned his head in their direction, and fled. A sister Fatima Silva told his mother that he saw the devil. Then the mother forced to take her daughter to a place where they had seen the devil. To the surprise of my mother being still in place. He really came on strong smell of ammonia, which subsequently observed by other witnesses.

Brazilians psychology is such that they are likely to believe in the existence of hell and the devil than in the possibility of aliens among people from other worlds. But after half an hour the whole town knew about the meeting with the girls being incomprehensible. Women spoke of the devil, and the men discussed the appearance in the sky of this Vargina UFO, from which the aliens have landed in the suburbs. Two days later it was reported that the road in Vargina found another similar alien. This time for his capture sent subdivision S2 (Brazilian military intelligence). Military caught being normal fishing net and sent him to a military hospital for the study.

A real siege military establishment journalists, academics, civil society organizations and even local shamans, one of which warned that if S2 not let a stranger in the good, the aliens have made a real siege Vargina that will eventually lead to the degeneration of the absolute population of the town and its complete destruction. War Department had to call a press conference to the public and scientists to authoritatively declared contrived incident, they say, is no stranger and there was not, and the military is nothing about the mysterious creature did not know.

However, contrary to the statement of a certain message went unidentified flying object that was seen in the sky over Vargina during the same period. A mechanic seen in the sky unidentified cylindrical object, which was flying at an incredible trajectory, often dramatically changing the direction of flight. And just as he died for reasons unknown soldier Marco ate through, who served in the same unit S2. And this state of emergency completely undermined any remnants of trust to the military, taking part in the case.


In the center of public attention figure out famous Brazilian ufologist Vittorio Pakachchini. He quickly established himself as the most interested party in an open and full investigation of the incident in Vargina. He has appeared on radio and television, offering to the public a real testimony of these witnesses, to report to police and other government agencies, certified officials.

Pakachchini surprisingly left on the four firefighters who were among the first 20 January 1996 saw the unknown creature with red eyes. About him a fireman told on the phone the local residents who had witnessed the boys threw stones strange creature that does not even make an effort to parry and dodge rocks boys.

Total Brazilian ufologists found more than a dozen witnesses who've seen a similar creature with a brownish-red skin, red eyes and long arms to his knees. Pakachchini argued that the military and police were able to find the remains of a UFO crashed in the area of Brazil.


Vittorio Pakachchini met acquaintances officer who ufologist not call by name, and he told him that being involved in the detention and military. With the help of this man Pakachchini interviewed soldier who knew something about the operation. He mentioned the names of some of the officials involved in the search and arrest of red-eyed alien. This creature, according to the military, was transported by car, accompanied by two cars with security. So do only in special cases. The witness even mentioned the names of the drivers. Another eyewitness claimed that the military leadership is deliberate disinformation campaign to the public to the case of the UFO and newcomers remained a mystery to all.

January 22 captured creature was placed in a wooden box, covered it with a lid on top of the holes. It is possible that by the time the creature was already dead. Machine with an escort went to town Tres Korakosh. There they were met by cars new group of military and police. This shows the importance of cargo and privacy measures. Next cavalcade moved in Campinas.

Studies and investigations were carried out with the participation of scientists from the University of Campinas. It is believed that there had postmortem examination of the body alien. In any case, of the University visited the city Vargina where they took samples of soil in appearances aliens.


Pakachchini found additional witnesses of this history. Vargin one of the residents said that one of these creatures with large red eyes, was taken to a local hospital for his medical care. In the same hospital, there were witnesses who claimed that they had been in the same room with an unusual patient. The patient's name Pakachchini not name, but to us he said: "I do not know that it was a creature, but nothing like I had not seen before and I can not call him a man or animal." Not a great variety of answers to inquiries Brazilian ufologist — is stamped terse phrases employees of the hospital, "I do not know, did not see anything unusual."

Creation of low growth of about 160 cm, his thin legs in different directions, feet relatively large, large head, which clearly stood out red eyes

Unfortunately, the true facts to prove the existence of close contact with these aliens from another planet, ufology produce and could not. Only Vittorio Pakachchini continues to seek substantial evidence of the incident, which promises to be the most powerful information bomb in ufology, and became a sickly duck. Although …

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