The Japanese Ministry of Health, said the danger of rainwater. It may be contaminated with radiation

Japanese Ministry of Health recommended operating companies wastewater treatment facilities across the country not to fences rainwater to registered earlier excesses in it the concentration of radioactive substances. On it informs RIA Novosti reported with reference to the local agency Kyodo.

The Japanese Ministry of Health encourages public utilities to check frequently for the presence of water of radioactive particles

Minzrav recommends to avoid the possible ingress of water in the pool for subsequent purification install awnings over bodies of water, or use powdered activated carbon for water purification from radioactive substances. Recommendation to the Ministry of Health was released after the tap water of several cities, including the capital of Japan, Tokyo, were recorded exceeding the maximum permissible limits on the content of radioactive substances.

Japanese authorities have banned people to drink tap water and use it for cooking

Now environmentalists call for more evacuation zone around the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1? from 20 to 40 kilometers. According to experts, the Japanese authorities are aware that radiation has spread outside the exclusion zone, but not doing anything to protect the people, or at least warn them of the possible risks to health. According to our measurements of Greenpeace, the radiation level in the village of Iitate, 40 kilometers north-west of the "Fukushima-1?, Is 10 microsieverts per hour.

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