The mass death of bees recorded in North Kazakhstan

The mass death of bees recorded in North KazakhstanAbout 22 million individuals bees died Kyzylzhar district of North Kazakhstan region after processing rapeseed field potent pesticides, told the chairman of the North Kazakhstan regional association of beekeepers Oleg Gavrilov.

"Killed 170 bee colonies, or 22 million individuals, which could bring honey for two years. The only ones that counted. How many bees have died in reality and how many more will die, to be seen and counted, "- said in an interview Gavrilov.

According to him, the average value of a bee colony is 20 to 30 thousand tenge. "The damage is easy to calculate a minimum of five million as only the restoration of the population. But still poisoned and all the honey in the comb, do hives, frames. In general, a huge damage! "- Says beekeeper.

One of the injured Ivan Vasilchenko beekeepers believe that the death of the bees to blame the owner of one of the farms area, which has decided to ease off a butterfly on his canola field, and beekeepers about their intentions not even warned.

"The day was hot, at this time the bee was all on the field. And then at lunchtime rapeseed field began to persecute the strongest chemicals. This is a crime! No one ever does etchant day as poisons eight hours, then it decomposes and becomes toxic. Etchant had to do at night, even in this law is written ", — complains beekeeper.

"But most importantly, no one is warned of pickling! We could just close the hives, and our bees would not have died. I would say more, lost not only to the insects that were on the field, but those bees that were in the villages within a radius of ten miles! "- Added Vasilchenko.

According to him, the bees will still die within a month or two, as the dead bees infected with the hive.

"We passed the test produced honey in the veterinary laboratory, which is to make a statement, you can use it or not. If honey is infected, and we consider it as such, because the bees bring to the hive poisonous nectar and pollen, then it is necessary to destroy "- note the affected beekeepers.

Information Agency "Novosti-Kazakhstan"

"According to the legislation of Kazakhstan, the owner of the field had to warn beekeepers five days before the start of etching. And warn all within seven miles from his field. He did not do so in this case the law is on the side of the affected beekeepers "- assesses the human rights situation Alla Fomin.

According to them, the materials of the case transferred to the police. As the other beekeepers, they are going to file a lawsuit for damages, but it is not just the cost of bees and honey, and beekeepers compensation for two years. That's how long it will take to new breeding colonies.

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