The moon causes the mysterious disease

June 15, 2012 22:25

To date remains a mystery, does the moon on human behavior, but for some reason, and perfectly healthy people complain of insomnia Moon
The word "lunacy» — lunaticus — Latin for "mad" and "somnambulism," as it is called, means "walking in a dream." Where is the moon?

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Since ancient times, people have attributed to this mysterious phenomenon and mystical meaning associated with the effect of light cycles and night lights in the human psyche. In medieval Europe, it was thought that somnambulism predominantly affects women, during which they were accused of magic and witchcraft. "Hammer of Witches", a guide to the Inquisition, sleepwalking considered as possessed by the devil and prescribed burn at the stake for it.

In the XVII century mores have changed, been celebrated cases of sleepwalking, and in men, although it is still considered a female "privilege." To date remains a mystery, does the night light on human behavior, but for some reason, and perfectly healthy people in the Moon complain of insomnia, and women more often than men do it …

Eyes Wide Shut

Sleepwalking attack occurs when an incomplete awakening when the brain-poluspit polubodrstvuet, which is why a person commits an act, but does not realize they report. He wanders around the room, turns to invisible people, or even trying to catch someone, and all this with a detached view and complete lack of memory in the morning. Usually the attack sleepwalking last no more than an hour, his eyes open during it, and look to the constriction of the pupil appears to be "glass." Sometimes the attacks may last longer, up to two to three hours, and in the medical literature describes the case where a merchant lunatic did not wake up for several days and made into a trance journey from London to Calcutta.


In a healthy person immediately after sleep begins phase of slow wave sleep, which lasts about an hour. At this time, shallow sleep goes into deeper muscles at the same time are in good shape, we can often change positions, lying down comfortably, but there are no dreams. Then comes the phase of REM sleep, which is accompanied by a dream. During the night, the stages follow each other.

Scientists have managed to capture the moment of the attack of somnambulism. Appeared, walking slowly starts during deep sleep, so it is likely that the lunatics merely reproduce reality action that they dream about. At this time they are working absolutely fine all the senses — hearing, vision, the ability to maintain balance, but there is no sense of danger.

Sometimes take for somnambulism sleep disorders, so when a person is actively involved in your dreams, that can jump out of bed, something or someone to grab, hit, scream, bringing inconvenience to other members of the family sleeping peacefully. Such actions are rarely aggressive, but, in contrast to a lunatic, just a sleeping person can be easily awakened, and he will remember the content of their dreams.

Beware, dangerous!

Sleepwalkers do not necessarily make it "night walk", it could be any other action, including dangerous: someone is talking, and someone just sitting or standing with eyes open. Unconscious of the sleepwalkers may be absurd, and not characteristic of a person (eg, some behave provocatively sexy), sometimes short answer to the question, but did not remember.

By itself, the habit of talking in his sleep is only indirectly related to sleepwalk, it often runs in families and is not harmful to health.

Sleepwalker can go to brush your teeth or start to clean the apartment in the middle of the night, but sometimes during sleepwalking manifested unusual ability, for example, a person can suddenly speak in a language unknown to him. Someone during an attack can simply walk around the room and go back to their own bed, and someone — to get under the shower and scalding hot water, falling from a window, taking him through the door, or go out and sit at the wheel of a car … go on the balcony, or even get out on the ledge to get out of the house, and in the same clothes, which fell asleep …

According to statistics, about 40 percent due to uncontrolled sleepwalkers in this disease state action put itself in a dream physical damage, and in rare cases, it may even be aggressive towards other people who are trying to help him.

What to do?

First of all, the most secure building — remove sharp objects, move furniture, to not stick angles, lock the doors and windows, or hang them on the grid. To prevent an attack, make bedtime a calm relaxing atmosphere, you can play music or to light aroma lamp with the smell of ylang-ylang, lemon balm, sandalwood, chamomile and geranium, and also try to go to bed at the same time, and sleep at least seven to eight hours a day.

Wake a sleepwalker at this point is extremely difficult and, moreover, fraught with severe psychological trauma, so it's best just to bring gently to the bed. Do it slowly and quietly, so as not to scare. For children sometimes recommend a method called an unscheduled wake when you need to break the cycle of sleep and wake up earlier than may start another attack. Traditional methods — to put next to the bed basin of water or put a wet rag to a lunatic came and woke up.


Kid lunatic behaves much the same way as an adult: gets up in the night and sent to some "other world" affairs, and later again to sleep peacefully, and in the place where the moon is over another bout of illness.

Lunatics once a suspect in connection with the evil spirit, but today proved that most often go to sleep nervous people with excessively mobile psyche. That is why sleepwalking is often seen in children. According to statistics, adult sleepwalkers only four percent, and the children — 17, very often "walk in a dream" at the age of 8-12 years, more boys than girls. Children sleepwalkers more impressionable than others, they often cry, get tired more quickly, may complain of headaches. In itself sleepwalking — not the only sign of sleep disorders, the kid can often toss and turn and jump in a dream, telling that he had nightmares.

In 50 percent of somnambulism is inherited. The reason may also be frequent headaches, head trauma or stroke, alcohol and psychotropic drugs, and emotionalism, frequent stress, insomnia or high temperature. Isolated cases of sleepwalking is usually not serious, but if they are repeated constantly, you should see a doctor, a sleep and neuropsychiatrist. Need to do an EEG — recording of biological currents of the brain to rule out the possibility of epilepsy. By the way, in this disease walks in a dream usually occur in the same time of night, but do not last more than a minute, with something like a lunatic chews and swallows.

Typically, sleepwalking in children is associated with fragile psyche and immature nervous system to the end, it's just "growing pains" and disappears after a few years on their own. For adults, may need special treatment with antidepressant drugs or hypnosis, and epilepsy — seizure medicines.
What makes wandering in a dream full moon or a mysterious disease … ("Kursk", Kursk)

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