The mystery of the crop circle phenomenon is hidden underground

July 21, 2012 10:20

Risuno in the English county of Wiltshire appeared July 19, 2012

Art of polegshih ears began to appear among a mass of grain crops worldwide. Who is it that their author?

The closer to the end of the summer, the more often manifests itself a phenomenon called "British circles." So-called strange pattern formed polegshimi ears. It is no coincidence. In England, they are always more than in any other place. So this year, but here already registered 28 "circles." A further 37 have appeared around the world, have been added by 11 countries combined.

A few decades scientists scratching their heads, wondering how there pictures? What forces are placed ears? Where are they — these forces — come from?

Original hypothesis proposes Stanislav Smirnov, an experimental physicist, member of the Russian Geographical Society.

In the Middle Ages blamed devils

— Circles on grain fields phenomenon old — says the scientist. — In 1687 the well-known engraving of "Devil with a scythe" captured by him. Not being able to explain the different appearance miraculously neat circles, people blamed for the damage to the fields of evil spirits — demons and witches. Such representations have survived almost to the present.

In the Middle Ages believed that the wheat crop felled demons

Save the messages about crop circles that have arisen up to 70 years of the last century in the UK, Australia, Germany, France and other countries. But at the time this happened rarely. And the great public interest did not cause. Resonance began about 40 years ago, when the English county of Wiltshire and Hampshire circles began to appear frequently. Strangely England still holds the lead in the number of laps.

Curiously, the first grains formed a simple circle, polegshie clockwise, but later began to emerge circles in the opposite direction.

Since 1986, the rings have been observed, first single, later — repeated. Form of pictures taken more bizarre and complicated. They are complementary to linear elements. And sometimes, instead of a perfect circle appeared ellipticity or ovoid.
Become more complex patterns not only from year to year, but from month to month. If in April-May, there were pictures of the most primitive form and small, by the time of harvest, they increase in size. Became bizarre. Around the main figure could be many others.

Square polegshih ears are quite extensive

It happened that the circles appeared right in front of people. Stalks for no apparent reason were placed on the ground for a dozen or so seconds. After which observers felt weak wind. Sometimes in the sky at the time or before the people saw the glowing orbs.
Whatever the specific design of the circle, a duck cereal stems were no serious injuries, and the stems were bent only in the lower knee (nodes). Sometimes stems totter in a very neat braids. These — characteristic — especially the fact that the stems are not mechanically damaged and continued to grow distinguish real from fake circles. There is also missing.
Sometimes, that drawing new details emerged immediately, but with a delay of up to several days. And new details were not contradicted still figure, but as a complement to it in the same style. This is very important. Because of course it follows that the formation of community is not affiliated with any mobile active principle: with atmospheric vortices electrodischarge ionosphere, aircraft, space aliens, animals. This is only possible if the source of the formation of crop circles — the crust.

This picture appeared in the same Wiltshire June 19, 2012

July 20, 2012 picture complementing each

The radiation from the depths

In the last century, researchers from the University of Denver USA experimentally observed electromagnetic emission (radiation), to create a granite cube pressure corresponding to a pressure in the ground. Similar experiments carried out at the time, Russian scientists in Tomsk Polytechnic University on a powerful press SP-500, which could compress the rock samples up to destruction. Issue began to record even at low loads. But its level increased sharply before the destruction of the sample, when it was covered with cracks.

Then there were even created devices that measure the intensity of the electromagnetic radiation of the subsoil. They are used in mines to prevent rock bursts.

Subsurface radiation often accompanies tremors. For example, in China during the earthquake in 1976 in the sky seen outbreaks of unprecedented brightness. And in some parts of the leaves of trees and garden plants were burned.

In Turkey in 1999, just before the earthquake heated sea water. In Canada, shortly before the brunt of the disaster from the ground, covered with snow, jumped glowing balls. All manifestations of electromagnetic emission depths, where there is never peace, if only because that the Earth's crust due to the lunar-solar tides several times a day a wave of compression-tension. At the latitude of Moscow — the amplitude of up to half a meter.
So, come from the depths of the electromagnetic radiation, which is determined by the constant component tremendous static pressure, and variable — dynamic tectonic processes: Earth tides, cracking, breaks, shifts. Even when a small earthquake with magnitude of 2-3 units, hardly noticed by the people in the form of mechanical motion is considerable energy — about 10 billion joules (J). The energy release of an electromagnetic field in this case has the same order.

Electromagnetic currents passing through the body of the subsoil, and pierce the atmosphere up to the ionosphere. Back in 1979, flying over the fire of strong earthquakes, satellite "Intercosmos-19" recorded ionospheric disturbances.

Microwave on wheat field

A few years ago I set this experiment (see manual on 02.08.2005). Stems of plants of the family Gramineae placed in the microwave. As an additional burden put even a cup of water. As soon as the light turned on, the stalks are bent in low places — lower lap — right before your eyes. Seconds in 10 — 12 ears touched the pan. During this time, in a volume of 20 liters was spent energy is 6000 J (600 W x 10 s). Stems had exactly the same form as in the real crop circles — no damage, except the bend.

If spikes placed in the microwave oven …

… They start to bend after a few seconds

Spikelets bend just as in crop circles

From this experiment, it follows that the formation of a circle with a diameter of, say, 7 meters at a height of 1 meter stems require an electromagnetic field with a total energy of the order of 10 million J. But where in a small area in the open field will be taken so much energy?

And imagine that a grain field at a depth of 400 meters there was insensible people break dense rock with a modest magnitude — for example, to 3. Calculation shows that extending, for example, even after a little dry sand absorbs the electromagnetic radiation on the area would be of the order of seven-meter circle of 5000 J. What is much less than the energy required to bend the stems over the entire area of the circle.
The situation may change radically if the way the electromagnetic flux to meet the so-called lens rock (geological body with near lentils form). Also assume that the relative dielectric constant of the lens is greater than that of dry sand. This breed, for example, may be chalk — the kind of limestone.

According to the laws of electrodynamics in the lens will be the refraction of electromagnetic waves with the focus of the conical zone. In addition, like the flow of water in the river for the bridge supports, the imperfect form of the lens in the original laminar flow may occur electromagnetic turbulence. And it will become turbulent.

On the way turbulent electromagnetic flux is a special place — the border between land and atmosphere. If the output stream to the atmosphere of this electromagnetic field will be sufficient to intense ionization of the air molecules, there may be formed a cloud of plasma, creating nonlinearity and dispersion medium. In addition to that the dielectric constant of the plasma can be negative, which can lead to the reflection of electromagnetic waves. Plasma cloud that have magnetic vortex can be a trap for him with mirrored walls, just as the Earth's ionosphere is a mirror trap for radio waves at specific frequencies. In this trap, with clearly defined boundaries which define the conditions of the negative values of the index of the dielectric constant of the plasma fall electromagnetic vortices flow generated by the emission of mineral resources. This forms what is called in modern physics, a soliton — a particle-wave, which can exist not only during the term of the original thread, but for some time after termination. While trapped electromagnetic vortex and plasma body are inextricable complex. Vortex, carrying most of the energy complex, forms a plasma, which in turn keeps the vortex of dissipation. It turns out that the magnetic vortex makes himself trapped.
Due to the influence of land near ground-level electromagnetic vortex soliton will be in the form of a flattened body of revolution — is likely disk or torus (donut). Depending on the diameter of the flow distribution of the soliton can be few to tens of meters, and sometimes hundreds of meters. In our example, the diameter of limestone lenses of 200 meters the energy density, which focused on the ground level in the surface circle with a diameter of 7 meters, increasing to 2000-fold compared to the case without a lens. Then the field strength in the soliton equal to the field strength in the microwave and so after ten seconds there a perfect circle polegshih grass stalks.

Plasma surface soliton has a low density and therefore no air in the glow forms a circle is not observed. Stalks are placed in a circle as if by themselves. Laying direction is the direction of motion of the ionized air molecules, entrained vortex electromagnetic field. Sloping vortex disc will ellipse or a line segment. If the soliton is in the form of a torus, in the center of the circle bundle can remain upright standing plants or any, ring.

The radiation from the interior, enhanced lenses that have magnetic vortices — those "tools", which painted a picture of the fields

At the end of his short life of the soliton energy will not be enough to meet the conditions of its own existence (non-linearity, dispersion and negative permittivity) and the trap is destroyed. She escaped from the electromagnetic vortex dissipates, pulling the ionized air molecules, as evidenced by a faint gust of wind felt by the observer.

If this happens non-cereal crop plants, such figures will occur too, but their quality is much worse because of the different structures of the stems. And sometimes the circles or rings do not arise in the fields, and on the sand, in the snow. It is also obvious that the great circles that arise in the winter on the ice of Lake Baikal, are also a consequence of the electromagnetic emission due to local tectonic dynamics. After Baikal is located in the powerful tectonic fault.
In a turbulent flow can be a lot of vortices. Then a group of related surface solitons can or in the future to "draw" a few related pieces. If the dynamics of subsurface fault in this place will stop and some time will continue the process of "drawing" will also be continued. By the way, in the circles on grain fields often refuses electronics, and people in my head there for a murmur. This means that the flow of earth energies are not yet exhausted, and it can damage health. No wonder the animals avoid these places. People here have absolutely nothing to do, too — the circle of possible side only. Aircraft also do not fly directly over the community, not to fall into the cone focused terrestrial radiation.

Country circles and lenses

Disclosure mechanism of crop circles can explain all the features of this phenomenon. In the first place, it is clear why most circles formed in England. Yes, because it is here, especially in the counties of Wiltshire and Hampshire, there are many famous Cretaceous low hills, which form the very geological lenses that focus the energy dependent processes of mineral resources.

The number "14" marked areas of the UK, the rich deposits of chalk. Just here and there mostly bread circles

In other countries, too, there are deposits of chalk. Russia is no exception. For example, lies near Belgorod chalk living hundreds of meters thick. But lenticular lens is hard to find here. Much easier — in the Volgograd region, where due to organizing expeditions "Kosmopoisk" revealed anomalous zone "Medveditskaya ridge", in which there is a lot of bruising or burnt pieces on the grass. In this region, the Volga region with a ridge of low hills conditions, well, just like in the English county of Hampshire. And if these places were many well-tended fields of crops, one would expect a large number of laps.

Another question — why the intensity of the crop circle formations and complexity of images increases the fall? Because the fall stems grow crops, increase their mass and ears. This increases the load on the stem, making it more susceptible to external influences. Threshold necessary energy soliton decreases and more of them overcome this threshold, which can be a factor in the frequency of occurrence and diversity circles on grain fields.

By late summer, reduced water saturation of the upper layers of the crust with a corresponding decrease in the damping of electromagnetic waves emitted by natural resources.

The more tons per hectare, the bizarre picture

Increasing the frequency of rounds each year also finds a rational explanation. Wheat yields in England over the past century has increased just three times. Increased, the mass of the ear is very heavy in the stem and thus increases its sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.

Incidentally, the Russian wheat harvest is close to that figure the British a century ago, when the crop circles in England were as rare as it is now with us.

But why the drawings in the margins are sometimes so bizarre that some people consider them the creation of extraterrestrial intelligence?

In reality, the diversity and quirkiness of these figures is defined by a variety of different structures of the earth's crust and the underlying processes of fault rocks in tectonic activity. That is what gives rise to a huge variety of electromagnetic fluxes emanating from the bowels of the atmosphere. A perfect geometric patterns defined vortex solitons basis. Again, tilting disc vortex creates an ellipse or a line segment. If the soliton is in the form of a torus, there is a ring. If the active point of the fault goes to the depth of the rock, instead of circular shapes on the field will be "drawn" unwinding spiral, or a series of concentric rings or spirals.

If an oblique fracture in the shale (layered rock), the tilted vortex solitons in the field can be "painted" a table with columns and rows. Pattern became more complex, if active fault will be several points.

In fact, experts in the field of electrodynamics, if desired, can explain the formation of any figure in the fields without any input of extraterrestrial intelligence.

British circles sometimes become the basis for jokes: the photo of a newspaper article that appeared in peasant circles on his chest. Dropped filaments formed by

British circles sometimes become the basis for fun: flea community has consumed the dog on the head.


Fireballs without Rain

Eyewitnesses often observed fireballs in clear weather. Sometimes they are accompanied by education and crop circles. This is understandable, because over the place at the focal point of the refracted electromagnetic subsurface flow also can form an electromagnetic vortex soliton. And the plasma density in the heavenly soliton can be much higher than in the surface due to better focus terrestrial radiation. True, it is inconceivable that the geological lenses with their crude forms can focus terrestrial radiation to a volume or a small orange ball (typical of ball lightning). Mean distance from the earth to heaven soliton effort to reduce energy loss itself is contracted to a spherical shape of small size. Plasmoid and follows it. The plasma density at the same time increases. Finally plasmoid contracted soliton appears as a glowing object.
Obviously, this born subsurface object can be formed in the atmosphere not only of grain fields, but in general, in any location where there is dynamics and subsurface geological lenses. Based on observations of these luminous objects, born without a storm, their properties are identical to those of ball lightning, lightning born. The birth inside celestial luminous object can also be attributed to the class of ball lightning.
From the identity of the properties of ball lightning from different backgrounds that their device is the same — all the compact electromagnetic vortex solitons. And why not have a similar and very mechanism of their formation? Moving charge produces a linear lightning around powerful alternating electromagnetic field. The trajectory of the linear charge of lightning, as it is known, is a broken line. At each change of direction of the charge eddy component of the electromagnetic field of lightning. In the electromagnetic field ionized air arises lightning plasma exciting electromagnetic vortex in the trap to form an electromagnetic soliton. After pulling up to the size of the soliton his ball plasmoid begins to glow. Exactly as it is in heaven with the electromagnetic emission of the subsoil. Since the linear lightning generates a fireball.
At the end of the flow of energy fireball of any origin can start the walk on the lines of the gradient of the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Since its basis is not a substance, and the electromagnetic field, it can move against wind evaporate rings on the hands of people pass through the dielectric material (for example, through the glass), etc. At the end of his short life conditions for the existence of the soliton (nonlinearity, dispersion, negative index of the dielectric constant of the medium) because its energy consumption are no longer met, and the fireball explodes (in a fireball the size of a small ball of energy corresponds to 1 kg of TNT) or just disappear …
Back on the grain field, where a circle. Ground-soliton ground proximity does not allow contracted into a fireball and so it has its indispensable attribute — luminous plasmoid.
At the surface of the soliton large bearing to create a 7-meter circle 5 million joules of energy, and a fireball the size of a small ball (see the manual of 20.06.2011) the amount of energy about the same. But the concentration of energy in them is different in a thousand times. Therefore, if the fireball hits the grain field, then there will be not neat circles polegshih grasses and small patches of burned to ash plants. So is every reason to state that the circles in the grain fields, fireballs are unrelated. Not relevant, even in the rare cases when small glowing balls fly directly over a circle.

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