The mystery of the Russian name

Christian church allowed to baptize a child in Hebrew or Greek names. Of the 210 permitted names, only 15 are native Russian. Is not that genocide?

Try to go to church and pray to order for a Russian name — you will say, that name is not present! Call Biblical name. Otherwise we are praying for him will not.
If any organization wants good for his people, how can it be based on the canons of our church? Prohibitions on the delusional. Nonsense.
If we take the basis of acts of international convention, our church and its canons can be brought to justice. After a while it will happen, because now there is a huge amount of Russian progressive organizations that put this issue on the international discussion. Judge for failure points of an international convention under the genocide. How was the Nazis Nuremberg, this will sooner or later be over Christians.
Church leaders will be involved in all the rules.
There is an ideology of our Russian people, his great legacy — the Vedic books, dream interpretation, the greatest prophecies, herbalists and other valuable medical manual — all unique and worth a lot. This is the legacy left to us by our ancestors — it is perfect.
Can not rely on religion alien to us the people. If you carefully read the Bible, you never would have said that on the basis of Christianity can not do good to the Russian people. It clearly states the Jewish people will be parasitized by other nations. Read carefully. And if our priests and parsons pushing this idea, what are they good supporters of the Russian people?

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