The number of victims of a tropical cyclone in Madagascar approach 20

The number of victims of tropical storm "Harun" that struck last Friday at Madagascar, at last count, was 18 people, injured 81, the fate of another 16 still unknown, reports on Tuesday night AFP referring to the local rescue service.

Previously reported 10 dead.

Last week, with the approach to the island cyclone "Harun" in Madagascar hit by heavy rains, which killed four people. On Friday, he went to the island of the cyclone, bringing strong winds, which reached a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. Storm raged on the island for about a day and almost completely destroyed the city Morombe in southwest Madagascar.

Although at the present time, "Harun" weakened to a tropical storm level and left in Madagascar, in the coming days, meteorologists continue to predict rainfall and strong winds.

The rainy season in Madagascar, the state on the same island off the east coast of Africa, is from February to May. It was during this period especially likely to cause cyclones and tropical storms. Cyclones "Giovanni" and "Irene" in 2012 claimed 112 lives.

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