The opposing sides of the coming world war

REX Agency published an article on a professional state security, defense and international armed conflicts, Major General Sergei Kanchukova.

The war of tomorrow's real and coming will not be a continuation of the traditional policies, and specific form of the existence of human society.

Analysis of the development environment in the process of deepening economic and civilizational crisis, indicates that our homeland again may be the subject of anger. The overall scenario of World War II will reflect bunch of contradictions and participants of the first and second world wars.

On one side of the aggressors could serve the coalition of NATO countries, with the participation of European countries included in this unit, and at a particular U.S. participation. It promotes the preservation of the NATO, the criteria and the lack of self-dissolution of the enemy unit Warsaw Pact, and the continuing modernization and re-equipment of the armed forces of the bloc, arms, suitable date.

On the other hand, the historical process of mutual cooperation between Russia and China on the one hand, and the United States and China, on the other hand, points out dispassionately that China's own development cooperation and gives preference to the United States, immediately moving away from acute problems to the full development and ability to adequately prepare for future challenges and threats. Despite the eagerness to be ready for war, China until the last moment to refrain from entering the war on the side of someone's (in the main against the Russian Federation). And only in connection with the possible emergence of risk of loss of Russia's own territory in Siberia and the Far East, China will enter the war to the annexation of the designated areas of.

The only country with which the Russian Federation is still sharp and unresolved issues is Japan. After the early elections to the lower house of parliament, the opposition came to power, the Liberal Democrats, one of the objectives of which is increased militarization of the economy and increasing military orders. The consequences of the militarization of the economy will allow the Land of the Rising Sun to build its military capabilities. And against the background of increased investment in nuclear power, which became abandoned predecessors, and can afford to create their own nuclear weapon, about trying to master that, have not once mentioned some experts.

So makarom at the initial stage of a world war, the main opponent to the Russian Federation may be armed forces of NATO. The purpose of the war may be capturing the terrain and mastering Resources, including in a human resource, the criteria enhance the Islamic factor in the European Union and the prevention of the spread of Islamic radicalism to the terrain of Afghanistan through Central Asia.
China to these criteria, like Japan, will adhere to the behavior, are consistent with the behavior of the Land of the Rising Sun in the 2nd World War. The purpose of these actions will capture the zeal of the disputed territories only after application of RF irreparable losses and its inability to resist. But Japan does not exclude, in the case of their own unsolved territorial problems, realize their own ambitions revanchist military force.

Countries formerly part of the Soviet Union as a country (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan) in accordance with the mistakes made by their administration might go for direct cooperation with NATO, eventually getting complete dependence and becoming trapped in the upcoming area under the guise of ghetto the remaining population of these countries. In the current international situation, of, to obtain a sufficient number of resources including human, you need to make every effort to unite all the republics of the former Soviet Union, faced with the danger of loss of sovereignty and the transformation into a colony.

To neutralize the Islamic factor in the North Caucasus and in Central Asia, to strengthen all-round business with Iran and Afghanistan, offering them full support.

To contain China should fully support and promote all-round cooperation with India, Vietnam, aiming to focus their main efforts on the confrontation with China.

To neutralize the aspirations of the land of the rising sun, you can not go on about their aspirations, aimed at preventing the development of the declared policy of the Eurasian RF, worsening relations with China, by provoking a proliferation of Chinese expansion into Russia, and accounting activities Land of the Rising Sun in the ability to support Russian "belolentochnoy" opposition.

Nature of future warfare

Future global war, its main features already tested during the local armed conflicts will be characterized by network-centric military operations with the full application of organizational, informational, psychological impact on all structures of the country, with elements of masking specifically unleash the armed struggle by the armed forces.

The relevant features of the particular preparation anger can be:

— The organization and financing of the Russian Federation on the territory of the armed conflict on the basis of ethnic differences in order of creation in the rear of the front anti-sustainable;

— Organization of the organizational — mental impact on the comprador elite of the Russian Federation and its future allies, first of Belarus and Ukraine, and in part of Central Asia;

— Information on the impact of all kinds of people of, and at first the elite, in order to reduce the ability to resist;

— Acts of MTR in areas of activation of the nationalist-extremist groups to support and scale up efforts, the supply of arms, expanding the zone of influence, the diversion of significant capabilities Interior Ministry and the army on the localization of conflicts;

— Raising claims to neutralize the terrorist threat in the territory of Russia by entering the peacekeeping force and under this pretext, the concentration of advanced levels in selected areas of impact. These trains will initially capabilities of aviation, the MTR, the navy, armed with precision-guided munitions that can localize the strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation, the U.S. forces involved in operations in Afghanistan and the ability to build them.

The relevant features of the outbreak of anger can be:

— Hitting the WTO and the MTR acts on objects of strategic nuclear forces and intelligence systems (ASD systems are not protected by air defense systems), the Russian Federation on the whole area of their deployment on a single plan, and in the same time interval;

— Air strikes, the WTO system, the acts of the MTR and missile defense systems to gain air superiority and the organization of a no-fly zone over the entire territory of the Russian Federation by the destruction of aircraft on the ground, storage bases and in the air;

— Air strikes on targets and SSO energy (nuclear power plants, CHP), in order not to damage the objects themselves, and the destruction of infrastructure (transformer substations, transmission lines power lines) established for the transmission of electricity and heat energy over long distances;

— Airstrikes and SSO on transport infrastructure (ports and their infrastructure, bridges, overpasses, train station hub, airfields civilian aviation, water intake station, storage of petroleum products, food warehouses and bases);

— Air strikes on the main objects of the economy and the military-industrial complex (steel mills, mostly plants MIC, which produces weapons for the defense, aviation, aerospace defense).

The initial step will be characterized by anger unleashed intense enemy air activity and the actions of the MTR to the full depth of the European part of Russia and in the Far East, the Pacific Fleet facilit
ies in Kamchatka and Vladivostok.

The relevant features of the basic step of anger can be:

In the process the basic step of anger main challenge will be to stand liquidation after the conquest of advantages in the air during combat maneuvering Army ground force RF, destruction of the system of control and communication disruption of mobilization, landing and capture of the main bases of deployment of the fleet, and the first SSBN bases, facilities GUMO 12.

In the process of doing the maneuvering combat the main focus will be on winding up of the remaining systems of intelligence, and the defeat of the defending connections in parts of the Russian army, to prevent their equipment defensive positions, obstruction of transfer from other areas of additional capabilities. Settlement provisions on distant retractable approaches insulated areas of operations. In the process of land warfare group one of the main objectives of airborne compounds will prevent the defense of large industrial areas and big cities.

In the process of promoting and training areas, as a result of the defeat of the defending group of forces, one of the challenges will be to ensure the upcoming non-hazardous operation of logistics and systems support (logistics) in the New Territories, the struggle against sabotage and guerrilla units in the rear, assistance in the dismemberment and the proclamation of the independence of different artificial formations in order to perform the tasks of information support operations and to prevent the organization of resistance.

The main kind of armed struggle in the criteria-won advantages in the air will be maneuverable kind of fighting with drawing more air strikes and strikes with precision weapon systems advantages in the criteria for reconnaissance and destruction, and management of contactless network-centric warfare.

The relevant features of the step ends with anger:

At the end with a step rage main efforts will be focused on the final capture of certain areas in accordance with the decisions taken, on the establishment of the area of the occupation regime under the guise of democracy and the spread of an unhappy destination with local resources under the control of managers. In the forthcoming organization of small populations are present existence with information operations of explaining the impossibility of producing the previous consumption and existence.

So Makarov, will address the issue concerning the reduction of quantity and properties are present population of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries in the occupied areas and the acquisition of natural resources and resource areas.

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