The path of the victim in the Hunter

The path of the victim in the HunterIn Western countries, first in the United States, at the municipal level, created an effective system of information warfare. Full temper their means and time of implementation of this doctrine allows the ruling elite of the West to solve the main tasks of geopolitics without the introduction of the armed forces, or limited their use. In other countries of the world such a system is not created.

Information warfare is the totality of the processes of mutual influence of the opposing countries, aimed at the destruction of the information environment of the enemy and preserve the integrity of its own information environment from the effects of the enemy.

In contrast to the conventional opposition, such as it is, as a system of conventional weapons or mechanisms of economic warfare, information resources as a result of the impact of its own, usually do not lead to a direct effect of a real — a real application harm the enemy or on the contrary — to prevent real harm to their own country.

The result of the information shown in the main exposure indirectly through reduction of effectiveness of the opposing party, or even to the transition of its forces and resources to act, directly detrimental to their own state.

The principal nuance of information warfare is the dependence of its efficiency on the accuracy of matching the huge number of relatively feeble in terms of impacts. It identifies as the main coordination tasks huge number of different forces and means acting completely different methods. Because the role of planning and organizing the information war is much higher if a classic armed confrontation.

A distinctive feature of the information war — the complexity of the impact, when the solution of a huge number of tasks used sometimes loosely formal way against the enemy.

The principal nuance of information warfare is the fact that, together with the State becomes the object of her opponent and his government. The forces of information warfare solve puzzle preserve its stability from the informational impact of the enemy. With all this power resource allocated to the impact on the state of their own, in certain circumstances (namely the conduct of defensive information warfare) may significantly exceed the resources allocated to the effect on the enemy.

Terms of efficiency

The effectiveness of the information war to a decisive extent is dependent on the contrast attracted for its management capabilities.

Because of its conduct should be involved in all the major municipal structures and non-state actors:

1. Official diplomatic authorities of the country which, in the information warfare solve specific tasks they political, diplomatic, legal and security of its conduct.

2. International non-governmental organizations, the main purpose of which in the framework of information warfare is the formation of a suitable international moral and psychological background of the country, as the performance of individual stocks information.

3. Municipal and non-governmental agencies and the media as the main tool of mental impact on the population and control other countries, providing stability inside the country.

4. Political parties and movements, Christian churches and Islamic religious organizations, municipalities and non-governmental organizations and cultural institutions, which are the main consolidating force of the people inside the country and an important factor in the outer ideological and religious and cultural expansion.

5. Scientific municipal and non-governmental institutions, organizations and societies, which remain an important component of maintaining appropriate information environment inside the country and an important factor outside the scientific-technological and cultural expansion.

6. Municipal infrastructure (energy, transport and communications), energy and resources sector of the country, the industry as the main levers of the information campaigns economic means.

7. Municipal bodies and structures for military, political and internal security of the country, such as the various security services, the armed forces, as non-state militias, which remain the main power supplies information warfare.

Nonuniversality ways

Doing information warfare involves the introduction of a wide range of influences. Practically though the impact of the real nature of the information, or to be seen as a way of configuration state information environment of the enemy or your own system.

The ability to implement those or other methods determined by the criteria of the situation. So, in an act of ideological and religious, informational, scientific, and cultural and diplomatic spheres can be carried out without annoying regardless of the state of relations with other states.

Methods of economic pressure, usually can be applied when the diplomatic and informational techniques have shown to be ineffective. Their use is carried out with sufficient information and psychological and diplomatic support.

Acts as the country's security institutions within its borders and beyond, in special activities can be carried out without annoying and a bit crowded in conjunction with the actions of the ideological and religious, information and diplomatic spheres. Priemuschestvenno against geopolitical enemies of the country.

The armed forces are used in the process of information warfare in the main to solve problems, "a show of force."

The activities of these structures varies significantly impact on the mechanisms and results. With all this information results (efficiency role in information confrontation) are very dependent on each other. This determines the need for close alignment of action of various structures unified plan and plan.

Because for information warfare to lure virtually all important municipal and non-state actors and organizations, governments information war must have national status and adequate facilities.

With all this attracted to conduct information warfare energy and resources into its own absolute majority do not have to think about the fact of his own role. It only makes the highest demands of secrecy to the organs of planning and organization of information warfare.

At the front of the strip

Who is against the RF information war. This is recognized by virtually everyone. Specifically, thanks to the effective application of methods of information warfare are likely collapse of the USSR and the restoration of capitalism in our country.

With the worsening of the global crisis, the external pressure on Russia will continue to grow, especially from the West, the first from the United States. The main supplies such pressure will be exactly how the information war. Their effective use can lead to a reduction or even loss of state sovereignty of our motherland, and can be, and to the disintegration of her for several quasi-independent countries.

These criteria effectively countering anger information is essential for the preservation of Russian statehood.

Unfortunately, the analysis of the information sphere of the Russian Federation pointed out that while we can not perfectly neutralize information pressure. This, apparently, is determined by our lack of effective municipal management tools, the information counter. If they are, their activities are, of course, is not effective.

Information for effective confrontation of anger we at least need to have:

1. Workable system of information warfare.

2. Effective concep
t of information warfare.

3. Information warfare strategy to address specific strategic objectives.

These are the main components of the military and informational potential of the country. Their formation must be based on the theory of detailed information warfare.

Work on the formation of military information capabilities in Russia advisable to build in three main steps.

During the first should create a database of information warfare theory, on the basis of which should be developed and adopted as a fundamental document Municipal concept of information warfare. By focusing on this concept as applied to the current conditions, it is necessary to develop a strategy of information warfare for a certain period in order to address specific problems. In the process of this step is also necessary to prove the composition and structure of the information war.

In the second step should be to form the main elements of information warfare, first of its management system, and to pick up and prepare personnel. With all this attention should be given to the creation and testing of central government.

On the 3rd step should be carried out practical testing of the entire system.

After which may be developed practical actions to address specific strategic objectives. Implementation of these measures will allow significantly increase the stability of, its information security from anger.

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