The population of the rarest snake in the world is no more than 18 individuals

Number of unique lives only on the Caribbean island of St Lucia a small snake, according to scientists and environmentalists, not more than 18 individuals, which makes this the rarest snakes in the world, said the international conservation organization Fauna and Flora International (FFI).

It clarifies the FFI, in the 19th century snake, dubbed the place of residence, St Lucia (Saint Lucia racer), was spread across the island. However, in the late nineteenth century Indian settlers brought to the island a natural enemy of snakes — the mongoose. As a result, for a long time it was thought that predators killed the snake Santa Lucia.

"The expedition has found FFI piece of land with an area of 12 hectares, in the coastal zone of the main island. Here there mongoose and therefore a small population of snakes preserved. Scientists have caught eight snakes and provided them with special sensors. Based on the information obtained from these sensors, it was found that the size of the population is less than 18 individuals, "- said in a statement.

Previously, the most rare species of snakes was considered, as the FFI, the inhabitant of the western India Antiguan racer. The size of this snake in 1995, no more than 50 individuals. However, as a result of efforts to save species of rare snakes grew to 900 individuals.

Fauna and Flora International was established in 1903. At present, it is about 140 conservation projects in 40 countries. The organization aims to preserve biodiversity on the planet.

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