The process of assimilation of the indigenous population of the RF accelerating

The process of assimilation of the indigenous population of Russia is accelerating

The process of assimilation of indigenous peoples Russian Federation accelerated. In particular, this process threatens Russian people, who in the last decade, to a large extent lost its "I".

Since the beginning of 2011 in Russia has driven another 10 million people. Said this on September 20, Deputy Director of the Federal Migration Service Ekaterina Egorova. But still you need to keep in mind those who are not able to take into account the FMS. And it against another bad announcements. On the same disk imaging of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation as previously observed unchanged outflow of the indigenous population: for example, over the past three years, Russia forever left its 145 million people.

If this disk imaging to add more details about the ongoing downsizing of the Russian population (which is due to the extinction of a number of indigenous peoples RF), Then the situation will truly sad.

In the perfect case, this information should serve as a clear signal to the authorities at all levels, which can not continue to live like this. This is the "verdict" of the entire domestic policy of the authorities, including the migration policy. The occasion for decisive action to save a sinking ship with the title "Russia."

But at least some adekvatnomyslyaschy person knows that the logic of Russian authorities is very different from the prosaic wisdom of ordinary people: for example, if the people gave their word, that pedophiles and other vermin hung and shot to the squares on the example of Iran and China. We have time they get in a couple of years and will soon go free with a "clear conscience" for no bad behavior. Because FMS sees a way out of this situation in the coming influx of intruders. It is believed that this is done in the interest of Russian economy. According to a bureaucrat Our homeland can only rely on migrants in the main countries of the CIS, 80% of them coming from all intruders.

The Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation in this worldview is not alone: the idea of "saving" Russia due to the influx of foreigners firmly established itself in an even more fundamental offices. Not so long ago, Secretary of the Security Council RF Nikolai Patrushev, Russian scare people follow prospect: the working-age population of the Russian Federation until 2025 will fall by at least 10 million people, and with all this potential for increasing the level of economic activity in young and older age groups are almost exhausted. He suggested to think about new solutions and methods of verbovaniyu in Russia a highly skilled workforce, members of the "middle class", which should assist in the "modernization" of the Russian Federation.

However, managing the Security Council did not answer the question, what are going to attract the mass of "highly qualified." Segodnyaschy economy RF has long been characterized by the fact that the manufacturing sector continues to decline and there is a growth of the service sector. A non-manufacturing sector is generally not high requirements for the quality and skills of the labor force. Economy of the "tube" does not have a lot of highly skilled professionals.

If today's Russian authorities want to solve the problem of population extinction RF, they would be able to make other arrangements. For example, to tighten immigration policy, to accept only those who really needed for the economy, after a tough exam on knowledge of the Russian language and Russian culture. At the smallest violations — expulsion, without the right to a new arrival in Russia. The right of priority for citizenship RF must obtain Russian and other indigenous peoples (Mordovians, Tatars, Chuvash, Komi, etc.) and their descendants in the second or third generation. To solve the shortage of labor from the reserves in the form of unemployment, increasing the duration of life of the Russian people to reduce their mortality, programs increased birth rate, increasing the level of security in the country — thousands of able-bodied people a year are killed by bandits on the road, etc.

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