The project crotch gun LAD (USSR 1942)

Lofty Russian war, gave many fascinating species of tools and techniques. First, in the creation of new types of weapons excelled Germany, but did not depart from her, and Russian Alliance. At the time, the Russian Union sharply enough was the question of reducing the weight of the machine guns and began to appear different development projects in this class implements.

With one of the most fascinating types of guns we are now take a closer look — it's a machine gun LAD. Betrothed for the first bukovkoy own creators — designers Fierce, Afanasiev and Daykin, a machine gun refers to the progressive development, is a middle option between with 2 existing types of weapons. LAD — Automatic tool, -classified as a lightweight handheld makers gun with supply of ammunition from the tape, which used cartridge pistol 7.62H25 mm (used in pistols TT), is essentially a tool of the perineum between ordinary light machine gun and a submachine gun.

By pistol — gun LAD can be attributed due to the use of low-power pistol cartridge and store a large capacity of 100 rounds (there is information on the use of the store with a ribbon on the 250 rounds). Store was a box-type trailer with laid in her tape cartridge.

For an ordinary machine gun can be attributed due to the use in the construction of a longish barrel, bipod and a cartridge tape, which, in general, provided the gun LAD quite heavy and the least, however, than the ordinary machine guns.

But the designers decide to find your development as an instrument of class gun. It was made by two experienced reference:
— First model created as an experimental version of the search machine gun;
— Second model created as a final version ready for use.

Now you can look at them in the Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps in St. Petersburg, where they are on the nomenclature of the submachine guns.

Arrangement and design of the machine gun LAD
The mechanism of the automatic machine gun LAD — introduction return valve having a weight of 0.65 kilograms. This weight is seriously greater than the weight of all known PP actually 90's. Power is supplied from a direct chambering the cartridge from the tape, tape feeder is made in the trunk lid of the box. The main link feeder — a curved arm with deep groove roller shutter kinetically associated with moving machinery machine gun. The receiver at the base with a projecting limb of the left side which is intended to reflect the sleeves hunted cartridges.

It may be noted ease of movement when the shutter by manual reloading. This was achieved by designers complete freedom when boarding gate into the inner barrel cavity boxes. Shutter has two pairs of small projections, which slides along the guide shaft boxes which are ledges depth liner that is welded to the inner walls of the box. On the other side of the slide is directed bends box.

All movable shutter system weighing 0.65 pounds consists of:
— shutter mechanism weighing 0.46 kilograms (cup, rammer, hard firing pin, ejector and spring);
— tail rear weight 0.19 pounds (guide rod revertible mainspring). The rod is used to increase the total weight of rolling shutter, the direction of motion of the system and provide appropriate criterion collection, analysis component of the system. A total of all the mechanisms of the gate connected spetsfiksatorom.

The design of the trunk boxes created from stamped steel and together with the housing are one piece. During an insert mounted in the box, pressed the barrel, the end of the housing is the 2nd mounting point on the trunk. Trunk on its own after a muzzle brake "PPS-43." Bipod is attached at the end of the barrel, provides stability and fixation in the manufacture of fire. Bipod legs are made without openers and are stamped with a spoon-shaped profiles of the outer hump. Shutter mechanism formed as a gun PDM — trigger lever with spring-loaded trigger. Fire interpreter is not provided. In the butt machine gun made of wood, there is a small but broad back and the mainspring. According to his own design, revertible mechanism fits perfectly in the mobile node, which is very comfortable when assembling and disassembling the gun.

The fate of gun LAD
At conducted in 1943 tested this gun, made under cartridge pistol, showed applicable results (on the tests has been tested and shop circular under the tape with cartridges). He secured for himself an advantage over pistols, machine guns in terms of accuracy and rate of fire. But the development of the upcoming gun LAD was stopped in connection with the development of more massive cartridge having the best ballistic performance in front of a pistol cartridge and making it easy for the gun. It is better suited for an effective firing range on average for doing constant fighting during World War II.

The introduction of developments on the machine gun LAD
Design solutions used in the development of PAP machine gun, were used in the development of other samples guns. Designer V.Degtyarev, who was present at the test machine gun LAD, praised the design decisions of developers. The smallness of the latest in the development of a new light machine gun RPD-44 V.Degtyarev making constructive use of the machine gun cartridge LAD and trailers box, revertible placement mechanism, the system ribbon supply of ammunition, the placement of the feeder, had a great resemblance to similar solutions PAP machine gun. And the thought trailed boxes of ammunition as a shop, with some changes, was very vserasprostranennoy in the development of new types of guns (even with the introduction of their rifle cartridge).

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