The project space rocket systems analyzed

TSAGI conducted a systematic analysis of the various options for a reusable rocket and space systems (MRCA-1) commissioned by the Russian Federal Space Agency and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "TsNIIMash." MRCA-1 is a kind of a reusable launch vehicle vertical launch cruise on the basis of a reusable first stage, performed by the scheme and the airplane returned to the launch area for a horizontal landing on an airfield 1st class, also one-time second stages and boosters blokov.Krylaty reusable block first stage equipped with a liquid rocket propulsion engines reusable.

According to the press service of disk imaging institute, experts at TsAGI appreciate the multiplicity of rational use first stage MRCA-1, options demonstrators returned missile units and the need for it. Returned first MRCA stage-1 provides the highest level of reliability and safety and will turn away from the isolation areas falling detachable parts, which can improve the performance of promising commercial applications.

These advantages are very necessary for Russia — the only country in the world, having a continental deployment of existing and promising spaceport.

TsAGI believe that developed projects MRCA-1 are qualitatively new step in the creation of the promising multiple-ton into orbit. These systems meet the level of development of missile and space technology 21 and have a much higher economic efficiency.

This paper demonstrated a complete approach in solving problems of the launch and return of the winged first stage to the starting point. A better recognized option Khrunichev. Khrunichev, including a family of reusable rockets gallakticheskogo purpose, based on a modular principle and ensure elimination of low-Earth orbit a wide range of needed goods.

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