The reserve plan to bring the Amur region of tigers in Primorye

 Game wardens Amur region planned for the end of this year bring tigers in protected areas in the region Arharinskom to maintain the population of this rare species of predators, told RIA Novosti Head Regional ohotupravleniya Sergey Glushchenko.

According to him, the issue of settlement of the Amur tiger in the Amur region is calculated by scientists. Experts from Primorye have already given their consent to ship in the Amur at least two individuals of the Amur tiger.

"Arharinsky district is home to the historic habitat of Amur tigers, which left the area because of human factors — the hunters, infrastructure development and other causes. Arharinskom area is located in the St. Andrew's sanctuary, there are a Zhelundinsky. Before the release of animals in the Amur taiga, protected areas will examined for the presence of a sufficient food supply, "- said the official.

According to scientists, to form a new stable population of Amur tigers to be a thousand hectares had 20-30 species of large wild animals.

Siberian tiger — a rare subspecies of tiger, extant only in Russia, included in the International, the Russian Amur and Red Books, belong to the second category of the status of rarity due to dwindling numbers. These visits the largest representatives of the cat in the Amur region in recent years there regularly, but none of the tigers in the region itself is not stuck.

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