The right to confidential meetings continued to be violated

Former presidential candidates Andrei Sannikov and Vladimir Neklyaeva after a month's break visited by lawyers. On the other prisoners of the KGB jail "American" contacts remain minimal.

January 28 about 11 hours of the day and the lawyer Vladimir Neklyaeva Tamara Sidorenko along with another defender came to the KGB to participate in the investigative action, together with the defendant. After lunch, the lawyers came out of the KGB.

Tamara Sidorenko"It was investigative action — Neklyaeva questioning. It looks like, thank God, is normal. Especially the talk was not possible, because during the interrogation that is not possible. Hopefully, next week to get permission for a confidential meeting. After so many promises to this effect was made. No complaints from him on something she heard. The interrogation lasted 3 hours. "

It was investigative action — Neklyaeva questioning. It looks like, thank God, is normal.

Last seen a lawyer to his client on Dec. 29 last year.

The day before, the evening of 27 January, fromAndrei Sannikov met his lawyer Paul Sapelka. The lawyer said that it was not a confidential meeting and participated in the investigation. According to the lawyer, they "began in the evening and ended at night." Prior to this, Paul Sapelka added:

"Let's just say that the lawyer Sapelka refused all comment. Regarding the right to confidential meetings, I believe that it is still broken. I continue to insist on such meetings and complain that they do not allow. "

Lawyer Statkevich Tatyana Stankevich to meet with the defendant did not call to December 29. Information on when to begin another investigative action involving Statkevich, the lawyer does not have. And also that stopped Statkevich hunger strike.

Milan Michalevic, wife of another presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich, received from her husband just three letters. But for a lawyer Mikhalevich do not allow. On the letter of Milan Michalevic says:

"He writes that he hopes will come of the newspaper, as he subscribed, purchased a book, but does not write what, and they play every day."

If you count how many I wrote to him, that 10 percent of my letters to reach him.

In one of his letters Mikhalevich reported that he had received from his wife a short list. "If you count how many I wrote to him, that 10 percent of my letters to reach him," — summed Milan Michalevic.

According to Olga Bondarenko, activist committee of relatives of prisoners "Liberation", received a letter from his mother as editor of "Charter 97" Natalia Radin. But she Olga Bondarenko did not feel that something has changed for the better in the contacts of her husband, the coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitry Bondarenko, with freedom. Bondarenko came from only one short letter, a lawyer for him and do not allow. January 27, Olga Bondarenko was able to meet with the Attorney General Grigory Vasilevich and tell him about these issues. Or that changed the next day?

"The funny thing is that today I am dirty laundry and was not given. Although Dima wrote that he had filed a declaration, but today I again refused. Meanwhile, some without statements give dirty laundry. It is like a mockery. "

Father Anastasia Palazhanka said yesterday that the first lawyer summoned to the KGB on January 28 to participate in the investigative action with Nastya, but canceled the morning of the call. Causes Vladimir Palazhanka unknown.


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