The share of electricity from renewable energy sources with the introduction of the new wind farm will exceed 4.5% in 2020

The total capacity of the announced projects in the field of wind energy in Russia is more than 10 gigawatts, their implementation will increase the share of electricity from renewable energy by 2020 to more than 4.5%, said the general director of "VetroOGK" (OJSC "Atomenergomash") Igor Bryzgunov.

According to him, the total capacity of the projects that are under development works, is not less than three gigawatts, and the total capacity of all the announced projects over 10 gigawatts.

"These figures suggest that in Russia to this day, many wind power projects (WEC), especially compared to the existing installed capacity of wind farm of up to 12 megawatts," — said Bryzgunov the round table on renewable energy in the forum "Atomexpo- 2012 ".

Most of the announced projects are located in the European part of the country and in the Far East — in energy-deficient regions with great potential for wind power, the head of "VetroOGK." Such volumes of input power, according to him, will surpass the target set by the government to bring the share of renewable energy in total electricity production to 4.5% by 2020.

"The work on the preparation of regulations, which should be completed later this year. We have every reason to believe that by 2013, wind power market will work without the prefix" almost "- said Bryzgunov.

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