The swimming season in Kostroma threatened by water quality at beaches

The swimming season in Kostroma, which usually opens on 1 June this year may not start due to the fact that, according to Rospotrebnadzor, the water quality at the beach does not meet sanitary standards, meanwhile, Kostroma authorities see no need to worry.

"According to the Administration of Kostroma, the results of studies carried out on May 16, showed that the samples of soil and water to meet sanitary and hygienic requirements. Rospotrebnadzor Kostroma region with this conclusion does not agree," — said the regional administration.

At a daily briefing on Monday in the administration of Governor Sergei Sitnikov recommended city officials together with the regional Rospotrebnadzor repeat the study of water quality and soil in three urban beaches and check facts illegal connections of sewer pipes of private homes in the storm drains.

According to the plans of the authorities, on 30 May in the region will be taking over the beaches of commission. And on June 1, the region should see a 25 zone on the water. On the beaches already established 19 information booths, 26 toilets, 18 dressing rooms, 13 shadow shades, five sources of drinking water, 26 containers and bins for rubbish, equipped with ten Baywatch. It is expected that during the swimming season, samples of water and sand for laboratory research on the beaches will be made monthly.

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