The transition to a green economy in Russia should be smooth — expert

The introduction of the Russian economy the idea of "green growth", meaning environmentally friendly production, respect for nature and the rational use of resources, should be gradual, and should not have a negative impact on the social sector of the country, said the deputy director of the Russian Research Center for APEC Gleb Ivashentsov.

"In the future, we will move to more environmentally friendly production, but we can not immediately enter it. Experience in other countries shows that have six or seven years to go to ekoproizvodstvu. We have to consider, and environmental and social issues, so they do not hit the workers, "- said after a meeting of experts Ivashentsov Environmental Protection as part of the APEC forum.

The expert said that if Russia did not raise the standards of production, eventually produced goods become less competitive.

"Most developed countries want to gain a competitive advantage in the markets, which include reduction of tariffs on more environmentally friendly products, eco-friendly products at less rates will be more, it also threatens our economy. We were precedents when our planes were considered noisier than Western, and they were not allowed to fly to Europe to damage the interests of our aviation industry. It is possible that some restrictions may be applied to our other products, "- said Ivashentsov.

According to him, "All these issues can be solved, but it takes time and thoughtful study of a particular neighborhood."

Twenty-fourth annual meeting of the leaders of the Asia-Pacific region will be held in Vladivostok in September. This is a first for Russia APEC summit. In Khabarovsk, from 16 to 26 July by the meeting of the expert groups and the APEC Ministerial Meeting on Tourism and the Environment. Meeting on the Environment in the framework of the APEC forum opened on Monday in Khabarovsk.

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