The way of Vedic Estates

The way of Vedic Estates

DELENI classes in Vedic society was caused only by the fact that different social groups perform different functional obyazannosti.No society representing a single, smoothly running system, because the Vedas say that all living beings are of equal value, equal area. Academy is not only a porter, and a housewife is the President, and every living creature that has received any body of the material world from God to man, a sparrow or a worm, still need in the universal harmony and performs its functions, in accordance with their qualities.

Inplace so the material world all living beings, including humans, are not equal in their physical, intellectual, moral and philosophical qualities, acquired over all previous incarnations.

Poetomu, all people of all nationalities, all men and women, in strict accordance with their character and propensity to perform specific professional and social responsibilities, you can have a child divided into four classes [in the language of the gods and sorcerers, each of the classes is called "Options for "-" beloved of God "].

Pazumeetsya in Vedic society membership particular person to a particular caste is not fatal, final. It is defined by its qualities and acting. Change their social status and everyone can, but only to change all your money.

1. Ideal class citizens.
(Saints — self-realized)

In pre-Christian Russia class those who have attained the highest degree in the realization of its nature vnematerialnoy and devoted his life to spreading the Vedic knowledge, included the Magi, sorcerers, magicians, Rakhmanov.

Inal-Hvam named those who actively preached the Vedic knowledge and the most intimate knowledge, explaining the true purpose of human life — the restoration of a loving relationship with the Supreme Personality and return to the world of Outland, "hwa" — "beckoning, who asked," "Shaft" — "back." Magus — "who asked how to get back," or "calling me back."

Inedunom referred to kings, who became a saint and teacher during a fire rite of some of his followers in the students, burned in the fire effects they had previously committed acts. Ve-do-n — "lower covering fire separating."
["N" — "lower", "do" — "covering fire", "Island" — "separates"].

Habout among the Magi were great mystics have simultaneously qualities heroes. With a mystic power, they killed the demonic entities actually visible and invisible dark world of secret mantra vibrations, fighting with them in the astral plane. These wise men were called magicians. Ku dhe-with-nick — "trained to kill evil through spells."
["Nick" — "training", "with" — "kill", "dhe" — "stupid, insane," "ku" — "sound"].

And Finally, among the wise men were the ones who have renounced everything material and often become hermits. Such saints named Rah-Manami: "man" — "sage", "Arts" — "Forsaken, sad." Throughout Russia today to keep the village bearing the name Rakhmanivka as they arose in places where once withdrew Rah-mana.

InCeh them (the Magi, sorcerers, magicians, Rakhmanov) people called saints, because they are, on the basis of higher learning, in the end, took on what each of them thought to their existence in a particular embodiment. When read from right to left, five words: "Saint-ya-t-i-th" in the language of the gods represent — "which reached the awareness of your true self." But no less true six words "with-in-ya-t-i-th" translated — "which achieves what it aims to connect with anyone," or "that will hit that is seeking to acquire."

ToEach Member of the Saints (Magus, Sage, Magician, Rahman) — it was a man, not only mastered the knowledge of the world beyond, but also perfectly mastered the knowledge in one of the areas of the material world, and able to provide a solution to any problem from the standpoint of higher knowledge. Therefore, those of the initiates, the reality was a continuous chain of disciplic succession, who declare that they do not solve the problems of the material world, which call for the rejection of participation in public life, which teach only how to properly prepare for the inevitable death of the material body — is very limited and flawed personalities who are on the right track, but under no circumstances should you take them as a teacher.

ToEach Member of the saints renounce all material. But the perfection of renunciation is not in seclusion in the woods, or in a cell, not standing back from all worldly things, but in quality condition of his mind. Holy understands that the material world and the world beyond, the world and the world of the upward call of roof, in one piece, perfect harmony, in which all the lower should be the attainment of the Supreme. In turn, all the problems of the material world is not foreign to him and he teaches people how to deal with them based on the most confidential knowledge. For the purpose of the Vedas is to teach people the art of four objectives:

— Dhar-ma — version of its social responsibilities in the most intimate of Knowledge. This word is used deliberately eradicated from the modern Russian language sound "dx". Exact translation: "Dhar" — "saving the statement", "ma" — "the basis of material existence."
— Artha — economic development and governance, based on the most confidential knowledge.
— Kama — a complete, on the basis of higher learning, the satisfaction of their senses.
— Moksha — the restoration of personal loving relationship with the Supreme Personality Shepherdess ["State-life"] and achievement at the end of this incarnation release from prison of the material world.

Poetomu, Earth holy duty — distribution of material knowledge and knowledge of the beyond, training and education of children, students and citizens.

Inazhneyshim condition of acquiring the status of the holy teachers, through fire ceremony dedicates his followers into disciples, in that, a yoga is its involvement in the continuous chain of disciplic ["para-m-p"], originating from a particular Messenger of God, to his disciples, . Regardless of their perceived level of education and self-awareness, personality, does not consist in a continuous chain of disciplic succession, can not be a teacher under any circumstances. Those students who mastered the scriptures and have the necessary personal qualities, awarded his Master of law and teach others through their Master they receive divine power, energy, ["shakti"].

Hand the territory of modern India, people do not live according to the laws of the Vedas. But in the various temples remain unbroken string of disciplic each specific yoga. In particular, the highest level — the personal relationship of love ["bhakti-yoga"], originating from the Supreme roof, with 31O2 BC And the magicians of this level can only be mentors Rulers.

Bezukoriznennost selection transferee to be a teacher and the preservation of completeness and clarity to transfer knowledge, and whether they have the appropriate personal qualities ensured stringent requirements for entry into a continuous chain of disciplic succession. This reading of special mantras, to the special way of life, fasting, performing austerities, renunciation of ministry to his feelings, openness to life.

Ho one has a right to declare himself a holy teacher and even more dedication to give students. During the life of his Master Sage spread knowledge and serve God. If any of the people for himself in the person sees a particular sorcerer supreme Vedic authority, then turns to him and asks permission to be his teacher. With sufficient determination and sincerity, he can convince the sorcerer to take him as an apprentice. And it will be just a student teacher and mentor [the language of sorcerers — "shiksha-guru."] But as a rule, include his students in a continuous chain of disciplic succession, making a fiery rite of passage, sacred teacher may only after his own teacher leave the body, or give him such powers.

ToEach Member person chooses for themselves teachers in accordance to the criteria mentioned in the Vedas. If someone from the Magi had told himself the Master and will build their advertising, as a teacher, every normal person, and all the wise men have to reject it as an ambitious pretender. All the more unacceptable association of sorcerers in the organizational structure, stating that they are the only true teacher, and the other wise men who are in a continuous chain of disciplic succession, and complying with all requirements of the Vedas, supposedly not fit to be teachers. This has nothing to do with the Vedic tradition and is a copy of the Jewish claims to exclusivity and the right of control. Everything in this world is controlled by gods, and if someone tries to act contrary to the plan of the gods, he would be an insurmountable obstacle.

Cepochki continuous disciplic some Vedic levels stored not only in India but also in some regions of our country. But the chain, which originates from the person of God Himself roof, until recently, remained only in the Indian subcontinent. Sure, in our country the resurgent Vaishnavism can and must rely only on the domestic tradition, rejecting any attempt to administrative and organizational leadership of any foreign centers. But, due to the fact that the violent Jew-Christianization of Rus all nymphs were colonizers burned and continuous chain of disciplic physically interrupted, originally a mystical power, coming from God Himself, our pervyee magicians can find a passing fire rite of passage from a true teacher in Hindustan . Any other attempts to circumvent this order set Gods will only sabotage profanation of truth.

In Vedic different specializations in the field of knowledge of the material world, a different level of self-awareness and personal qualities specific Magi, make some of them school teachers, and others — university professors, third — the teachers at the Military Academy, the fourth — the Masters of the Rulers, etc. Beginning in early childhood, they learn congenital and acquired the quality of its students and to determine which of the four classes is any particular one thing you should focus its training and education, and to his students his knowledge.

Inolhvy should not consist in its capacity as such in the service of the state. They have no right to manage the company itself and for the independence of the powers that be and the financial tycoons, should neither of whom receive a salary. They fulfill their duty selflessly Earth, because this divine destiny of their class. In the current, degraded, nevedicheskih states realize your true nature man can in the public service, or to work in a private company workers or employees. But to act as wise men and even teachers, it can only regardless, out of service. Otherwise, it will not be independent.

Peredavat their knowledge of the pupils — this is the service of society and its Incanter beloved roof, and the duty of the ruler and the duty of all other citizens — to ensure Sage is necessary for life and teaching of the minimum material conditions.

Vedas prohibit send and receive all Vedic knowledge for a fee.

In Ideally, everyone should have their holy teachers and in all difficult situations to contact him for advice in order to consciously follow his instructions. Of course, this should not be understood as an obligation of the student to become a mindless cog and harass teachers with questions about how to do each step and correct it if every thought. Student — it is a reasonable person, that the teacher is on the true way, but to go all your way everyone should own, constantly working on their personal qualities.

Abouttdelnye post-Soviet ideological candidates could already realize that our state should be state "Asian type" (according to the classification of Marx). Ie we should have a natural division into classes. In particular, be sure to have a class that provides ideological functions.

Hfor they do not have no mind, no knowledge, no self-esteem due to at least draw attention to the crucial fact that, in all types of so-called "Asian state", ideological class — this is not no party organizers and political workers, and the priests, magicians, priests. It is their complete renunciation of material attachments, enabling societies to maintain originally defined criteria of a just society and the Vedic with Borne communism.

Postolku communist-Masons, having established in 1917 by the dictatorship of their materialist ideological structure (CCP), pushed content, but to save the form, creating an ideological class and give it a decisive position in the society, it is precisely because of the lack of party cadres proper vision and qualities it is with them, and began the expansion of society and in the end, there was a collapse of the Soviet state.

Withoday these ignorant and scoundrels seeking personal gain in the previous use of the same fostered Soviet clergy, who, incidentally, served thousands of yesterday's party organizers and YCL. But anyone who read this chapter comprehended the nature of the ideological foundations of providing the Aryan state, realizes:

1. That current ministers themselves have proper attitudes and personal qualities do not differ austerity and purity.
That serving his ambition and lust, they arbitrarily declare other faiths satanic sects in ignorance not knowing what they are, and Satan, the Serpent, Gad.
That they are blessed by the power of the wicked kings and presidents of the demonic, and therefore are NOT estate or real Magi, or especially, the holy teachers.
For example: the current head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Alexy II (in the world — Riediger) blesses the present rulers of Russia, turned the Orthodox Moscow Kremlin, a shrine in a cave, in which, and the apartments have a work Yeltsin and rock concerts give homosexuals, drug addicts and other demons , to fly around the world.
And in the Christian church of Christ the Savior, in the habit of the restaurant, cynically arranged a birthday celebration of the Jewish musician Rostropovich.

2. That no one can master himself some amount of knowledge and proclaim himself a magician, and even more, holy Master. Today in our country do not count tively charged impostors, who are not in a continuous chain of disciplic succession, but after reading something about the pre-Christian Russia, devoting each other "wise men, magicians." There are phony and found the title, pay the money in short-term courses. They proudly call themselves pagans. But most have a distorted view of the outlook, the culture and traditions of Vedic Russia.

3. That secular scholar, was not involved in the personal love relationship with Kp-use-it-Lelem that is not in a continuous chain of disciplic succession, not only has the right to interpret scripture, but simply unable to understand them in their entirety.

4. That countless charlatans who declared himself "living gods", or establish their own religion, are not all criminals, but none of them is a true holy (realizes his true self) and therefore is not a witch.
For no one can invent a religion itself, that is, reconnect and achieve interaction with the Gods. As Vedas: "The way a particular religion itself indicated a particular God."

Pazumeetsya are not magicians representatives present intellectuals, located in the pay of the authorities, or if the financial magnates who are ready at any moment to change the owner, their country, to sell his soul and body, and preach sordid ideals of absolute individual freedom, individualism, and immorality.

2. The ruling class — Knights.

To estate Knights [language sorcerers — "Options for Kshatriyas"] are only those, both men and women, who are not in power drill and ingenious methods of education, but of God endowed the following qualities:

1. The desire and ability to be a leader.
2. Expressed the need to put in the first place the interests of their country, their fellow citizens, and not your own.
3. Analytical thinking, the predominance of reason over emotion.
4. Love and kindness towards others, love and respect for animals and plants.
5. Intolerance to nonvirtues, ignorance and injustice.
6. Courage, determination, desire to demonstrate its strength in the fight against evil.
7. The need to fight to the end for the ideals of virtue and justice even left alone, even if there is no hope of victory.
8. Personal discipline and rigor to subordinates.

WithKnights drevneruskim donkeys denoted by the word "roof-shi" — "to hone their weapons to defend the Supreme Truth, which came from recovering it, killing distorting." Although the language of the gods, sound combination "shi" means and "nurture the seed in your heart to love …".

Tnly the person possessing the qualities of the Knight of birth, can be brought up as rulers, warriors, governors and later to become so.

Tnly hero, brought up in the bosom of the Vedic tradition, leading a righteous life, is able to perform the correct leadership of the society, fight, or act in the performance of duty, and not to use the fruits of progress.

"The Book of God Vyaza." (Canto One, Chapter 4 Text 12):

"Those who are devoted to the cause of the Supreme Personality, live only for the sake of prosperity, progress and happiness of others. They do not pursue selfish goals. "

Andstoriya posleariyskih all countries shows that all worldly plans ignorant rulers only compound the problems of material existence of society. All attempts to solve them, so far the energy of material nature, with the power of which they are fighting, immeasurably stronger.

NWThe problem of the Vedic schools, the problem of the Magi — to develop and retain adolescents referred by them to the estate of knights, innate qualities, along with the training of their worldview and the appropriate application of knowledge and skills.

Pravitelya, Chief and subordinate managers can not vote on the general elections, which fund a, and thus predetermine the outcome of the elections, can only have either conquer rulers, or financial traders. Even if it were possible really honest elections, and in this case, democracy would make it the most disgusting fruit.

DEven with today's pseudo-democracy, we see how rapidly is a comprehensive degradation of society and what a liar, anti-human laws it has to exist. Already accomplished drug legalization, the abolition of the death penalty for murderers, spies and terrorists. And if equal right to determine the laws of society have everything good citizens, swindlers, sadists, complete ignoramus, alcoholics, thieves, drug addicts, etc., the present situation would seem to Paradise. For what and whom can choose degenerates and people deprived of absolute knowledge?

Hormalno — is when the Gods, on the basis of higher learning, uniquely formulated once and for all the basic values and norms that are not subject to discussion, because they provide the only public normal life debilitating mental speculation demagogic Masons.

Peshayuschee value in the appointment and removal of the top leaders of the state and regional rulers should have recommendations of the Magi, which have to organizatsii Vedic knowledge and management of the company, and because of its austerity, free from the influence of the material involved in the Group's profit and firmly hold devotional service to God.

AboutAgain Aryan Statehood formulated by God in the Vedas. In "The Love Ballad" and "Book of God Vyaza" describes the Aryan social estates order of life [in the language of the Magi, "Var-on-ash-frame" — "igrets who are in the mood of a love relationship with God."] In "Artha Shastra" is described by the science of government. And "Veles Book" tells us it is about the Vedic way of life of the Slavs.
"Veles book." (Song of the twenty-first):

"Behold, then used in the ancient watch many genera Batyu elected. Others had Elders Veche. Other poimyashe Prince, Who behold beryashe seven colonies — from before Christmas Carols Christmas Carols. And suddenly every kind Rule magician, victims doers.
And every kind imyashe old magician, who, on his feast dayae Parliament. "

Withlavyanskie magicians (magi) were the rites and offered numerous sacrifices to the gods of the material world, patronizing Slavs. But when it came to matters of national importance, the management, the choice of the seven years of the prince, they turned to God, for those who knew the world of the gods and the gods Vyšna World of roof that can be done. And who knew the Almighty.

3. Third Estate — Organizers of production and trade.

Dfir people [in the language of the Magi — "vaIIi"] have the following innate qualities: attachment to wealth and riches, ambition to economic development and the desire to enjoy the fruits of such activities. They swallowed their own sense enjoyment and pleasure of their loved ones.

Ho in Bogotsentrichnom Aryan society, they sent these qualities and abilities to multiply the wealth of society and saw it his dedicated service of roof. Neither Aryan, first and foremost — a virtuous man of business, he could not leave the house without asking pre loudly all passersby: "Is there anybody hungry?" And offered to feed that.

In During arranged Masons bourgeois revolutions, not heroes, but they (mostly Jewish) moneylenders and traders, moreover, deny, and the consciousness of God, and the ideals of virtue, deposed from the throne usurped power monarchical dynasties posleariyskoy era and usurped power themselves. Today they lead Western civilization to the moral and physical death.
They, traders from birth, during the Soviet era, completely replaced the ideologically accented Bolsheviks from the ruling Communist nomenklatura, from the Army, the State Security Service, and in strict accordance with his character, not in the service of God, changed the oath, sold and its ideology, and his party and his country.

Toach society and the state has its own ideology, its own system of values. And to her, each of the classes has to adapt, despite their innate qualities. Traders (in the worst sense of the word), becoming the ruling class, imposed their morality, their value system and the Western world are successfully seek to turn all of our people, all the Aryans, a nation of shopkeepers selling their land, their mystical Higher values, the body and the future of their children.

PWhen Bogotsentrichnom Aryan social Estates lifestyle igrets ["varnasrama"] normal business people — the love of the gods and to all their neighbors, fellow citizens. Hence — the duty of business (regardless of whether they are private owners, or are in the public or the public sector) — to organize the production and distribution of wealth in such a way that:

— There was not hungry, the poor, the destitute.
— To have been satisfied and fed all citizens, including all animals and birds.
— To work brings a person joy and intangible satisfaction.
— In order to ensure the harmonization of social and personal.
— That no one can use his public position to retrieve only personal use, to the detriment of the society or the state, or to the detriment of nature.

ToEach Member Aryan knew the inexorable law of re incarnation of the soul in a new body for repeated lives on Earth or other planets. Known as the inexorable law of self-creation of fate — "The law of karma." "Car" — "done", "man" — "a man." Therefore, the accumulation of wealth and grow rich at the expense of society could not be his aim. Loot the wealth of not taking with you in the future life. A virtuous deeds for God will give new life to the fate of the poor, if in this life will not ruin to the skin.

Torum such an important element, as the Vedic knowledge and the corresponding God consciousness and awareness of your true self, the possibility of non-compliance of business people to their status and the possibility of abuse of the status excludes the following:

1. Care of their selection by the wise men, and the right to demand from the Magi heroes change the social situation specific business person deprived of his right to engage in business, farming and trade.

2. Rulers and the ruled are required to have a system of laws and enforcement mechanisms that encourage business to be active, but do not allow them to get rich, robbing the state and society, or ruining nature.

3. In Vedic state and business people themselves, bereguschie purity of caste traditions, morality and honor of their class, their privileges, will not, or have affairs or just chat with the person that lost quality Aryan businessman.

4. The estate workers.

WithAmoy numerous class — workers [in the language of the Magi — "Shudra"]. This includes the vast majority of citizens.

Ethen the workers, farmers, civil servants, doctors, actors, writers — all those who create wealth for society, provides the service, part of the technical staff of administrative agencies, assisted by representatives of the other three classes in the performance of their duties, focuses on meeting the physical, intellectual and emotional needs of all its citizens.

A distinctive feature of the toiler:

1. The desire to receive a significant financial reward for their work,
2. Desire to get the moral satisfaction of their work and the moral encouragement for the work.
3. The desire to stand out, be glory, fans.
In today's world most people occupied only meet their material needs — food, sleep, security, and satisfaction of sexual desire.
4. In Aryan society as workers are well aware that in a single social body needs a head (Magi), who knows how to bring prosperity to society, to the hand (Knights), protecting the society from violence and exploitation, we need organizers of the productive forces of society (business people).

Poetomu workers perceive their work of serving the needs of all their citizens, as his earthly duty as his service to God. They work under the direction of the other three classes [[/ i] "var-on" [/ i]] and having fun, bringing joy to other people, to serve them and not trying to take the place of the wise men, warriors, or business people. From the point of view of the Vedic society, as one social body, the workers — is the body of the foot, carrying all of society to material prosperity. But if any body will think their feet, the legs will carry, and the head and arms, and thighs, and themselves into the abyss.

MMaterial taken from the book of Daniel's "Aryan Empire. Doom and Revival ", for which many thanks to him!

V.Danilov — Aryan Empire. The death and Rebirth (2 volumes)

HAstoyan (second) edition of the book — not just a sensational event in the scientific world. Her appearance — is a complete revolution in Oriental studies, in outlook, in the methodology of research in geopolitics, in world history, in linguistics, in religious studies.

In book covers a wide range of topics, united by the idea of the revival of Aryan Statehood.
In it, based on abundant documentary material cited, reproduced epic history of the Slavs and other indigenous peoples in the past more than seven centuries.

Ddischarges a survey of the global geo-political and ethno-religious processes that led, ultimately, to the current balance of forces in the world and to the downfall of our great State.
Provides information on the basis of higher levels of Vedic philosophy, political science on the basics of the mystical and philosophical foundations of the Russian language.
The forecast for the near and distant future, and the strategy and tactics of the Aryan recreate Bogotsentrichnoy superpowers.

Download [7.23 MB, in the format *. PDF]

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