The wheels of the Soviet Union. There were tall tales. Issue 2 (4 episodes) watch online

The wheels of the Soviet Union.  There were tall tales.  Issue 2 (4 episodes) watch online
There is a perception that the Russian auto industry has always been in the rear of world technological innovation, which, they say, their own unique designs in the USSR was not, and the assembly flow fell only outdated copies of foreign cars. Well, as written in the past about the book "The wheels of the Soviet Union" was adopted now regarded as the ideological disinformation. So whether it is in fact? Deceit and omissions in the official history of the Russian automotive industry was in bulk. Public-party spell "Soviet — means better" forced to distort the facts and numbers, blind to the faults and inflate the scale of victory. After the collapse of the USSR trend has reversed: nothing decent has never been and will not be, since our "masterpieces" of the Russian automotive industry good only for scrap. We will establish in this matter reasonable parity. To do this we will use archival materials, listen to world-independent professionals, in collaboration with Prof. mechanics to understand the structure and properties of the Russian avtolegend …

Movie 1 (Fields instead of roads) — "Where is passed — there and the track" — sadly joke Russian drivers and to this day does not lose relevance. Civilian vehicles of the highest terrain in the country increased attention. 10's unique design has been sorely tested broken ruts, snow drifts, were dying marshes. All-wheel drive SUVs, tracked carriers, ski snowmobiles, hovercraft … On most of these rarities is the first time the audience will find out from our movie. Auto and other technology

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