The whole territory of Japan may become uninhabitable

Senior politician Ichiro Ozawa in the Wall Street Journal interview expressed the assumption that because of the situation at Fukushima whole country could become uninhabitable.

The melting of the atomic nucleus is excessive melting of nuclear fuel to the point where the core is damaged, poured out, and is a threat of a powerful release of radiation into the atmosphere. However, the "penetration" of the nucleus is even worse scenario in which nuclear fuel literally proplavlyaetsya through the bottom of the damaged reactor, and could potentially proplavitsya through the outer shells straight into the ground, in the air or water.

In the report suggests that penetration has occurred, which must be confirmed by the IAEA, "the first official recognition of the" difficult situation, says the Japanese Daily Yomiuri. It also confirms that suspicion of such an outcome, have been from the beginning, as confirmed by further reports that a powerful reactor accidents led to the formation of holes in the damaged tanks, and that the radioactive water, and possibly nuclear fuel leaked into the lower reservoir.

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