There is no death — Secret academician Bekhterev

January 4, 2012 23:56

In late 1924 the authorities thought about creating a secret laboratory to study Lenin's brain, which was to solve the mystery of the "Kremlin superman."

Later wrote futurist Malik Pasha, who was aware of this work, Lenin's brain "is, of course, the prototype of the brain coming superman." In fact, we talked about the fact that in the future to develop a method of superman Soviet Superman. That's the main interest was the power!

At the board meeting, chaired by the OGPU Felix Dzerzhinsky dealt with the study of the structure of the brain. Special attention is paid to security officers … the brain's ability to respond to the invisible radiation (light, electromagnetic, etc.) to emit and receive biopsychic energy (in the old terminology — "N-rays"). Today it is called parapsychology and telepathy.


Decision of the director of special services was the document on the establishment of a secret laboratory neyroenergetiki. Particularly interested in the KGB of spondylitis, has long studied the secret of the brain.

In 1921 academician Bekhterev with the famous animal trainer Durov experimented mental suggestion dogs previously conceived actions. Is not this was the secret of the phenomenal success of the trainer? After all, many have tried to apply his methods of training, but only a few are failing. It seems that animals anticipate the team trainer, as if obeying the commands of his mind.

Vladimir Bekhterev was experimenting in the "mob psychology." As the scientists in the team there is a strengthening of suggestion, and the most successful is the impact on emotions. More specifically, it was about the first experiments on the transfer of thoughts and emotions in the distance.

In these experiments, the authors version supposedly happened "hypnotic weapon" ("ideological weapon"). It could be, on one hand, is aimed at disrupting and suppressing the enemy, on the other hand — to help guide and encourage their supporters. In other words, it was a weapon to subdue their own people. The results of these studies were very interested in the Lubyanka and the Old Square.

After the death of … spondylitis in 1929, a book fiction Alexander Belyaev "The Lord of the World" — a novel that was created as a unit for the transmission of thought at a distance.

Shortly after the death of Academician all work on the mental suggestions and parapsychology are totally confidential. Only recently it was reported that they never stopped …

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