There is no salvation from a UFO


UFOs haunted inhabitants of Romania. Newspapers and television are literally inundated with all kinds of photography and filming on the visits of "flying saucers".

In addition aliens just become arrogant. They are not only shooting airports, but even the "attack" on fighter jets — reports NTV.

One after the collision with the alleged UFO miraculously managed to land. For the salvation of the combat vehicle pilot who has received during the incident lightly wounded, the award was given in 1000 euros.

As previously reported Radio "Mayak" in January in the sky above Mexico City seemed armada of "flying saucers". But in fact it all turned out advertising campaign. Residents of one of the city's districts, noting the accumulation of some brilliant flying objects began to ring up the local media, talking about what they saw and offering "sensational" pictures.

Stir lasted almost all day. However, in the evening, local police said they have identified in these UFO balloons were launched as part of an advertising campaign in one of the local banks.

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