This year will create ground infrastructure Baikonur East

Roscosmos conducted jointly with other federal executive bodies and organizations of the complex project and research and development activities and provided allocations from the federal budget for the period up to 2013 can expand in 2011, work on the creation of ground infrastructure Baikonur East. This is stated in the materials prepared by the Russian Space Agency for today's meeting of the Government Presidium, ITAR-TASS reported.

In 2008-2010. carried out survey work on the spaceport as a whole, the basic design and architectural solutions for the ground space and supporting infrastructure cosmodrome Baikonur master plan. Completed and the profile of the main characteristics of the space rocket complex and long-term manned craft a new type. The stage of conceptual design and deploy their technical design.

The necessary legal and regulatory framework, including the government directive issued on the organization works to create space center, the order of Russian President on the appointment of the sole designer and contractor, a government resolution on the conservation status of the closed settlement Uglegorsk, where will be placed management structures, residential Baikonur complex and other important objects. As part of the federal law "On the Federal Budget for 2011 and the planning period of 2012 and 2013" provided funding for priority activities to build supporting infrastructure spaceport in the amount of 24.5 billion rubles.

Held land reservation in the Amur region for the placement of ground space and supporting infrastructure spaceport. An interdepartmental committee to coordinate activities related to the creation of the Baikonur East

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