Tibetan Lama remained in a state of meditation for 18 days after death


Doctors and researchers who have arrived in the Tibetan Drepung Monastery in South India, were shocked by what they had seen. Honourable Lobsang Nyima, the former head of the Gelug school (in the Tibetan language that post is called Ganden Tripa), for 18 days after death in a state of meditation.

All the while, Lobsang Nyima (Trisur Rinpoche), who died on September 14, was in a state of "tukdam." At this stage, as explained in the Tibetan tantric texts vysokorealizovanny lama or practitioner is able to stay in the clear light of meditation. Being able to "tukdam" practice keeps your body from decay and keeps the interior warm.

Tenzin Namdul, doctor of Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute, and Dr. Yangzom Dolkar of Delek Hospital were sent to the south of India to conduct scientific research body Honourable Lobsang Nyima. The project studies the state of "Tukdam" was launched in December last year with the assistance of the laboratory headed by Richard Davidson of the brain and the University of Wisconsin under the leadership of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Researchers are studying the state of the body in a state of Buddhist lamas Tukdam, using the latest technology.

Tibetans and Indians gathered in Drepung Monastery, wanting to get the blessing of the late Lobsang Nyima. Also in the monastery group of scientists from the Research Foundation of Yoga Swami Vivekananda's name. Subsequently, they described what he saw as "scientific breakthrough, clearly showing the result of intensive meditation." Another group of researchers arrived at Drepung of Indian Prabhakar Kore Hospital.

"According to the researchers, they had to witness the death of long meditation in order to believe in it. And now they are very surprised. Both groups expressed their willingness to support this important research, "- said Dr. Namdul.

In the Tibetan community is sometimes said that if the Lama after the death of a long time in meditation, his next reikarnatsiya can come into this world with some delay. However, His Holiness the Dalai Lama asked aides Honourable Lobsang Nyima did not bother him and allow him to continue the meditation. Earlier, the leader of Tibetan Buddhism noted that scientists need to conduct research states "tukdam" Tibetan lamas and teachers.

Under the leadership of the Dalai Lama, the body Trisura Rinpoche will be mummified so that people could then visit him and receive his blessing, added Dr. Namdul.

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Photo from the book by Melina Mulas "Lama of Tibet. Ancient wisdom of Nalanda"

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