Today is the birthday UFO


On this day in 1947, the American pilot saw in the sky a whole column of flying saucers. There were nine, and they were flying in the direction of Washington. Since then, the existence of UFOs officially recognized. There was even a science concerned with the study of aliens — ufology. Kuban unearthly visitors visited for the first time in the 97th year. At one of the fields below Belorechinsky farmers have found a strange crop circles.

Since, almost every year, history repeats itself. Mysterious marks appear around the edge. But not all the locals are convinced of their extraterrestrial origin. For example, Vladimir, a resident of the village of the Sign, skeptical and believes that these circles can be done in an hour five of using a normal rope.

For the same UFO Kuban became a sort of Mecca. Scientists have observed: crop circles appear, usually in the early summer. Every year experts extraterrestrial civilizations come to our region, and conduct research. They ambush, on duty at night, but every time either aliens are smarter, or earthlings just unlucky. While ufologists and failed to communicate with the "green men".

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