Top 10 phenomenal people (photo)


These people put scientists in a deadlock. Who are they? Skilled workers of miracles or Dirty Rotten Scoundrels? Or a combination of both? They studied the phenomena, they even given names, popular in the scientific community. But while the world captures another fashion for all the mysterious, they are in demand and nobody is willing to expose them.

Nostradamus — Michel de Notre Dame, was born on December 14, 1503 in the town of Saint-Remy (Provence). July 2, 1566 he died at the Salon. Prophetic legacy includes 10 Centuries of Nostradamus (942 quatrains), the preface to it (letter to his son Cesar and King Henry), a series of quatrains without numbering, annual almanacs since 1555.

Nostradamus is loved and hated, praised and criticized. Some believe that he predicted everything that could have been predicted (scientific revolution, the birth of Gitelra, the rise and fall of the USSR, September 11, 2001 and more). Others criticize the finding misleading his "prophecies".

Monk Abel was born March 18, 1757 in the village of Akulovo Tula region. Monk died November 29, 1841 at Holy Evfimievsky monastyre.Po approval of Abel, "he was taken up into heaven", where he saw some two books, the contents of which only later recounted in his writings. And, in addition, since March 1787, he began to hear a directive, pointing the "voice" that commanded him to say or do this or do tomu-to That's the way.

Either way, the monk foretold the death of Catherine II, Paul I, the burning of Moscow by the French and other varying significance of the event. Is Abel ascended to heaven and "saw there a voice," Ali simply tried some psychotropic substances — history is silent …

March 24, 1874 in Budapest was born Erik Weisz, later known as Harry Houdini. The great magician died of peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum) on the eve of Halloween stuff October 31, 1926.

Harry came out unscathed from the prison cells of the cargo container from a huge paper bag (without disconnecting from the paper.) Illusionist freed even from the metal boiler, container of milk, and the coffins of the famous chamber, which gradually filled with water. In 1918, at the Hippodrome in New York, Houdini demonstrated the room with the disappearance of the elephant.

Most of the tricks Houdini has been associated with the cards, and with the release of the chambers, steel shackles, ropes. Stunts themselves are simple, if you know the technology. With maps, as everyone knows, the case is only "in the sleight of hand", no fraud. With the liberation of all the various imprisonments not too hard, his body showed improved gutaperchivostyu, as well as good physical shape.

G. Wolf Messing (September 10, 1899, Gura Kalivariya, Russian Empire — November 8, 1974, Moscow, USSR) — artist of the original genre, psychiatric hypnotist. According to the responses of some prominent scientists of the first half of the XX century, had the gift of telepathy and foresight. November 8, 1974 at 23 pm Wolf Messing died in hospital after a long illness. Death was caused by pulmonary edema, after the failure of the kidneys. According to close friends, he knew the cause of death, date and even the hour of his death a few years before his death.

Messing worked in Berlin freak show. Demonstrating his abilities, he met Freud, Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi and other prominent people of those let.V 1939 after the outbreak of the Second World War, fled to the Soviet Union. Repeatedly met with Stalin. He has performed as a magician in the Soviet circus. During the war, as was the custom at that time, built on the two aircraft "means an artist." Wrote an autobiographical book. In 1953, Messing predicted the death of Stalin, the leader himself personally, when I came to Stalin to stop the persecution of the Jews. Messing predicted that Stalin dies in the Jewish holiday that actually happened.

Wang (Vangeli Pandev Gushterova) (January 31, 1911 — August 11, 1996) — Bulgarian clairvoyant.

According to the statements of followers, Wang had the ability to define human disease with high accuracy and to predict their fate. According to G. Gorny, Chairman of the Moscow Society of Atheists, Gushterova in their work, the typical method of charlatans — many helpers Gushterovoy in the preliminary communication with visitors to find out they have the necessary information (name and surname of the visitor, information about the personal life, the symptoms of disease ), then passed it Gushterovoy. Although many of the prophecy Vanga … still come true …

Uri Geller, who was born December 20, 1946 in Tel Aviv — one of the most famous people in the world-phenomena. For more than 40 years of paranormal abilities Geller attracted the attention of scientists around the world.

He is known for his phenomenal abilities of telepathy and telekinesis, moving the compass in his hands and bend the metal softens the wax, and the years of broken clock start ticking again.

Joon Davitashvili. She was born July 22, 1949. At the touch of hands Juna zarubtsovyvayutsya wound back down the disease and under the influence of the fields, the origin of which remains a mystery, people usually recover completely.

David Copperfield was born September 16, 1956. At age 18, he was invited on television, led the program "The Magic of David Copperfield" on ABC. After becoming better known, began performing on the channel CBS. Came the idea of large, grand illusions, and the first of them was the disappearance of the aircraft.

David then performed and the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty, which was held in the presence of the public. Further implemented such illusions as the flight over the Grand Canyon, passing through the Great Wall of China, the escape from prison of the world's most reliable — Alcatraz, a trip to the Bermuda Triangle, escape from an exploding building, falling from Niagara Falls, the disappearance of the Orient Express, the flight, the release of the strait shirts hanging on the ropes over burning burning spiked at an altitude of about 20 meters, the study of a haunted house and survival in the post-fire.

Criss Angel was born on December 19, 1967. This artist, magician, singer, musician and provocateur. In his show combines new images, new characters and unusual music.

His stunts go beyond the rational. It goes through the water and walls flies off, it is cut into two parts. Generally, Criss Angel — the person coming for the comprehension of reality …

David Blaine, who was born April 4, 1973, American illusionist. He became known for his "street magic." His show on ABC immediately gained popularity.

Since 1999, Blaine periodically showed more grandiose "miracles", including "Burial" alive in a plastic container (1999), freezing in the ice (2000), "Vertigo" — 35-hour "standing" on top of the 22-meter tower ( 2002), 44-day confinement in a box above the Thames. In addition, Blaine has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to hold his breath underwater for long periods of time. The last time he got into a fishbowl to survive in the water for seven days. Air and liquid meal Blaine received through the hoses.


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