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To be honest, I was always amazed that power over the minds of the Germans, who had Hitler and his clique. Clearly, when Hitler took the absolute peak of popularity in the self of success. Completely natural that while Germany is victorious Germans gratifying to bless their own leader. But that has forced them to endure it in 40 3rd, after Stalingrad? Rally around him in 40 the fourth, when the Western allies bombers equated with the land German town, and on the Eastern Front were killed and taken prisoner hundreds of thousands of fighter? Fanatically fight in 40 5th, when Russian tanks rolled uncontrollably eager to Berlin?

Historians usually give a few explanations for this paradox. A common — it's demonic appeal of Hitler, who head the unfortunate Germans playing the fool, too damn perfect propaganda machine, made by Goebbels. At first glance everything meets reality — the propaganda work to its fullest, and the Fuhrer rend voice, speaking to civilization. But let's compare two seemingly incomparable date — September 1939 and September 1944.

Absolute obedience

In both cases, the propaganda work to its fullest. But the situation was quite different. 30 In the ninth Germans resisted rather feeble opponents, and the rear was a string of bloodless victories — annexation of Austria and the Czech Republic. In general, there was every reason for optimism. 40 In the fourth even hedgehog seems should have been clear that the country is heading to defeat. On the Eastern Front, one defeat followed another, the allies in the West was put in Normandy, the sky over the Reich scoured British and South American aircraft. In short, wherever you look, there is no reason for optimism — except that deeply bury their heads in the ground. And the mood of the people was quite different …

But it is not the direction in which you use your loaf. In 30 the ninth to Germany dark veil descended oppression. All previously feared defeat, and no inflammatory speeches Hitler could not improve the situation. Even the soldiers at the front were not the best way of war — memoirs by Halder, who headed the German General Staff at the front have been cases of panic. It is in Poland, where were actively coming. In the west German soldiers played with French football and almost fraternized with them.

40 In the fourth situation was different. Germans thrashed everywhere, but they only grew stronger. There is no sadness, no depression. Propaganda became increasingly rough and nezamudrenoy, but she believed. The soldiers at the front were fighting desperately, despite the continued retreat in the rear of the civilians working more and better. Amazing, is not it? Propaganda alone can not explain it, well, not propaganda works, if you head to the enemy's bombs are falling.
Another version? They say that the Germans fought with desperation of despair, thinking that in case of defeat they will all be killed. To be honest, does not sound very impressive. In 1-x if the men do not believe in victory, their morale is low, and the Germans, he was tall. In-2-independent research, even in April 1945, almost crash the other day, showed that more than half of Germans still believe in the ultimate victory of their own country. It has not climbed at all in any gate. Moreover, as practice shows, the men often surrendering even knowing that there is an imminent death awaits them. Such human psychology — the hope dies last. Since Roman legionaries gave up after the defeat of the Germans in the Teutoburg forest, knowing what lies ahead waiting for them a painful doom.

Americans love to say that the Germans fought fanatically, as feared the arrival of Russian. Afraid of something they were afraid, but here every day Russian resistance was giving more chances to capture Germany. The Germans are rather stubborn resistance and on the Western Front, which was based on the belief that version completely illogical — in fact faster than the Americans and the British will come to Germany, the less chance there will be time to have Russian. So that explanation does not stand up to scrutiny.

If you teach German documents of the time, to create memories that most of the people of that time turned into obedient zombies, walking right behind the Fuhrer. Nobody tried to resist, to rebel against the dictator. A small group of officers to assassinate Hitler in July 1944, has been condemned by most of the population.

What did happen? To find the answer to this question again I assist career of Dr. Althoff.

Maur and Villiguty

So, in 1942, Hans Althoff was no longer working in the 3rd race of the Institute of Management research. Why? He finished his work — or, on the contrary, suffered a complete disaster? Most likely, neither one nor the other. Just rented his level needed elsewhere.
Althoff was transferred to the Institute of Physics of consciousness — another very a Secret companies working in the framework of the "Ahnenerbe." The Institute was formed in a hurry and need a gun at all the last generation — psychological and physical. Himmler put the puzzle before the Institute is able to build something does not kill people, but only just to control their minds. In one of the interviews he described his own project followed by:
In the hands of the Fuehrer should be a tool capable to control at least some consciousness of people. He should be able to instill his will as an individual and entire masses, entire nations. These masses, these people should do the will of the Fuehrer unconditionally.

These words were written first in 1941, and a few months later, freshly formed Institute has already begun work. What did he do?

On the development of mental and physical tools in the 3rd Reich did not understand very much. First, since the development of scientists from the "Ahnenerbe" were later captured and have become favorites of their concealed weapon. I only managed to nezapyatannoy chance to track a project that in the depths of the Institute received codenamed "Thor," in honor of the 1st of the old Germanic gods. And till this day my knowledge of him guilty of the abundance of "black holes."

Psychophysical task guns — to provide its owners the power over people's minds. The first time about similar developments became clear after in Switzerland in 1959 left a small edition book under the title "Hammer of Thor." To it could be treated as an apparent "jaundice", if it were not for two incidents. In 1-x, the creator of the book was William Alpental — assistant of the famous physicist, the 1st of the leading officials "Ahnenerbe," Karl Maura, who headed the Institute of Physics of consciousness. In-2, immediately after the occurrence of books on the shelves of almost whole copies were bought up by unknown, and the creator of one month later drowned in Lake Geneva sufficiently mysterious circumstances. Up to now the case has survived only a few copies of the book, one of which fell into my hands.

So, what did he wrote Alpental? According to him, in the depths of "Ancestral Heritage" was created a tool that gives power over people. With all this Tipo were applied some knowledge of extraterrestrial origin.

We are talking about the kind of legacy Villigutov. One of the last of this old clan, born in 1866 in Vienna, Carl Maria Villigut, is considered one of the spiritual forerunners of Hitler. Rhode Villigutov was considered cursed, i
n the Middle Ages, he was excommunicated from the Church. Carl Maria claimed to be the heir of the old band of German rulers, carefully talked about the customs and religion of the old Germans. The history of the old Germans — read Villigut — began more than 200 thousand years ago. Then the sky was three suns, and roamed the earth giants and dwarfs, gnomes and elves — in short, all the beings we know from the old German legends. Its own genus Villigut timidly made even the least old — his story began Tipo only about eighty thousand years ago, when the city was founded Gotslar. Specifically Villiguta forefathers did twelve and a half thousand years ago irministicheskuyu religion, which combined light of all the Germans. It flourished three thousand years until new competitors heretics who worshiped Wotan. From now on, the fight begins with Wotanists irministami, the struggle that exhausted both sides and made them easy prey for intruders from the east. Rhode Villigutov uniformly lost their positions, deprived of the royal throne. Its representatives were Margraves in Austria, and then lost these possessions. Century began wandering through the countries of Eastern Europe — in 1242 Villiguty founded the city of Vilna (now Vilnius) did gothic empire — which existed, but it is not very durable.

Naturally, Villigutu failed long preach this nonsense, and in 1924 he was put in a psychiatric hospital. Here it qualifies as mental level ailing, having diagnosed with schizophrenia and paranoid disorders megalomania, and held for 3 long years. In general, we would generally make no mention of his activity, if not one curious event: fan Villiguta was Himmler himself. Reichsführer SS took the old man from the psychiatric hospital and declared the head of the department of the old stories of the institute "Ahnenerbe." Perhaps this contributed to a fascinating fact of family history Villigutov: cursed them for possession of magic tablets on which were written the pagan rituals. According to extant legends, these rituals are allowed to gain a huge power over people's minds. Villigut kept these plates in the cache, which no one knows except him. But only up to 1941, then he yielded to persuasion Himmler handed them over to the institute.

At one point, photocopied labels caught the eye of Maura. He gazed — and gasped; signs represented nothing else, as the complicated schemes and formulas described previously unknown phenomenon. With all of this, only about half of them was at the level of modern physics, while others, of course, were still out of reach until the realization of modern scientists.
Specifically, based on the texts of these tablets were made so called psycho-physical apparatus. First, scientists had a lot of tricky to decipher the runic characters. But later it went faster. The mechanism of the apparatus based on the so-called "torsion fields" consist of a large number of simple particles forming eddies. Torsion fields directly affected by the pituitary gland and found in it the nerve centers that control the human will.

Obviously, to me, a thinking man right, it was hard to believe. But the documents, which gradually accumulate in my personal archive, confirmed the veracity of this story. In general, it is possible that the deepest meaning of labels is less than a legend. But the existence of psycho-physical (or, as they are occasionally called in the walls of the "Ancestral Heritage" tehnomagicheskih) devices do not have to hesitate.

The project has received the title of "Thor." His trial was conducted on prisoners from all of the same "utility" concentration camp of the institute. Large device the size of a cottage, has been painstakingly disguised as comfortable manor house, and not many who would be able to guess his present appointment. In 1944, employees Maura began experimenting with people. The move had a way of "trial and error". The fact that the mechanisms of action on the human body the device yet to be explored.

To speed up Mawr contacted Dr. Hirt from Strasbourg imperial institution. Hirt was known as one of the "luminaries" racial science, collector of skulls and skeletons of people of different races. His goal in life was to prove the existence of fundamental biological differences between people of different races, which would have allowed them to carry different types and so Makar, bring Nazi racial doctrine to perfection. Hirt Mawr asked to examine simultaneously the pituitary gland at the corpses coming to him, namely, to direct attention to the so-called "crystals will." Hirt enthusiastically set to work.
Meanwhile Mawr with its own team went full-scale experiments. He already came out a hundred percent to suppress the will of man, so that he could not make any movement. Particularly sensitive even when deprived of all of this consciousness. Little by little came out and get people to do some simple actions. But, then, to learn all the effects of torsion fields and make more or less workable tehnomagicheskih apparatus, took time. Maur called a period of 10 years, after that it will be possible to put the psychophysical system into service. But he was not even a year.

In his book "Ahnenerbe" I wrote that Mawr eventually defeated and failed to make an effective device. In fact I was wrong, this is not entirely true. It has been quite negligible time, and I was able to find evidence that some of the results achieved all the same failed …

Device exploded and weird mast

In January 1945, Russia made a quick throw to the west — from the Vistula to the Oder. It was one of those massive strikes that finished off the already shattered building of the Third Reich. Promotion tank columns was so rapid that fell into the hands of Russian airfields with relaxed standing planes, warehouses, bridges … Tanks with reddish stars often found themselves in a deep rear of the German troops, cutting communication and squashing caterpillars at least some more or less significant resistance.

But we can not say that the German soldiers piled weapon without a fight. On the contrary, they fought desperately, but sometimes they just do not have enough training. For example, the 408th Grenadier Division of the People's formed from the militias, fanatical detained small town Altstadt — though to a certain point completely. Russian commander of the 4th Guards Mechanized Corps, which stormed this division, later recalled:
In the district of Altstadt, we encountered a very severe resistance of the enemy. Although we have before us were only the elderly and students, they fought to the last drop of blood. To avoid losses of their own, we had to move forward slowly and neatly. All the same part of the body still pushed back the enemy to the outskirts of the city.

To the north of the Altstadt was grove, which the enemy defended with particular tenacity. Background of us were unclear. In addition to the militia fought here besides SS warriors who fought more fanatical. Fooling grove had no ability, as framed by the coming of the enemy to his flanks.

When the first tanks stormed the edge of the woods, in the depths of her several strong explosions were heard. There was an impression that the enemy blew a principal warehouse. After which, as if by sticks, the situation has changed: the Nazis began en masse to lay down tool. After 40 minutes we were the Altstadt, capturing a huge number of prisoners. The faces of the Germans were written by fear and confusion.

In a grove we found remains of a small building. The Germans blew it thoroughly, because to realize that it is all the same, it was unreal. The ruins of a small building were respectable distance surrounded by several rows of Stitching wire, stood sentry tower. Obviously not a warehouse, then what did? The radar system? The command post?

Russian tanks moved further to the west, and to the unusual object representatives arrived from Moscow. They also failed to establish the purpose of a mysterious device. Surveys of local residents showed that the facility was built by people in the form of SS a little more than one year back. Then in the districts of the city were built by the highest antenna mast with repeaters.

The same antenna, in general, covered the whole of Germany. On their one much directed attention, because in general they were similar radio repeaters. But the surprise was that their network was much thicker than required to ensure reliable radio communications. The Germans themselves later explained the presence of a huge number of antennas needs air defense system — baby talk that is not borne any minute criticism.

Objects similar to the one that found the Russian, have been found all over Germany — only about a dozen. They were all blown up, no one of them was captured in good condition. With all of this to organize the objects could not manage — even the ruins, it was clear that they are not similar to any type of existing military facilities. In the United States formed a special commission that studied the weird ruins. The Commission has worked two years at the highest criteria of secrecy and after still wrote in his own statement:
We were not able to establish the highest level of confidence, whether it's a special radar, yet unknown type, or of any other devices. Representations of scientists, were part of the commission split. At our disposal are not hit very many fragments for this study. But was fixed very weird facts — the existence of a smooth relationship with the objects bitterness German resistance in a certain area. Thus, the defeat of the Wehrmacht in the Ruhr group held after the corresponding object in the area was damaged by bombs. In West Bohemia, where the object is persisted longer likely, the German resistance lasted even after the capitulation of the Reich. These weird phenomena can read about what the objects under study in some way affected the morale of the German units and the civilian population.

In general, if you remember the development of the project "Thor", this is not such a fantasy as it may seem at first glance. But then the information that turned out for me, wrong? The Germans had all the same design your psycho-physical instrument?

Two projects

On their own, I could no longer get along and wrote a letter to the famous Argentine physicist who specializes in different types of radiation. After a few days I received a reply.
Dear Senor Kranz! This may seem like science fiction, but really different waves can affect the human mind. It is a scientific fact confirmed by countless experiments. Obviously, this is not a complete control over the brain — earlier level science has not stood up and, God willing, will not rise up ever. But at the moment we can at will cause a person fear, depression or, conversely, euphoria and spiritual uplift.

It could be completely solved. German physics, significantly ahead of the level of development of world science, frisky and made a sudden break in one direction — the theory of waves. And although the project "Thor" by and large failed, he could totally be a "little brother" — a device with the least principled puzzles, but faster embodied in reality. I do not know what it was called — "Thor 2" or maybe "one". But now I'm sure it really existed. I added the conviction and the fact that within the framework of the Institute of Physics of consciousness was not one, but several working groups, which, of course, worked on various projects.

How it all could look? In 1941, the institute was founded by Maura and immediately set to work, with an emphasis on some results already achieved. What were the results and who is headed for them — I do not know. Prosherstila all pre-war magazines in physics, I found there is no mention of torsion fields. Naturally, the project from the very beginning was very hidden. Or — is also an option — Nazi scientists got the initial data from somewhere outside, even with the same mysterious signs. In this little hard to believe, but in the absence of the best and have to make such an option.
The "Thor" moved forward, but rather slowly. It was clear that its implementation will need more than one or two years, and 10's years. At the same time, the situation at the front deteriorated rapidly and the result is needed at the moment. Because in some places at the end of 1942 as part of the Institute of Physics of consciousness has been allocated a group of scientists who began feverish work on the simple (obviously related to the initial plan) apparatus capable of changing the mood of the people. Uniformly in this second project to pump more resources, and "Thor" in 1944 lasted nominally faster. Maur was furious, but could do nothing about; Himmler took the creation of psychophysical weapons under his control.

In the end, by the beginning of 1944 there were the first working models of emitters that can have an impact on people's minds. They were on the same wavelength — morale, bigotry, the will to win. Total for the country was established about half the 10-s of such objects and a large number of relay masts. From now on, the start was to fall mood Germans again risen again Goebbels propaganda are millions of grateful listeners.

Obviously, not all these wonder-operated devices. Of course, the psycho-physical instrument could only reinforce existing attitudes, not create them. In other words, if a person wanted to believe in the victory — it gave him a kind of faith. However, if man the victory did not believe, moreover, could not tolerate Hitler and the Nazis, it was powerless. That's why the "install Maura" in no way influenced the minds of the underground Communist conspirators and among senior officers.

When approaching enemies explode installation. It was fraught with consequences — the morale of the troops and the population fell, the defense was falling apart — but it was no other way. Nazi leaders could not allow to enter a fundamentally new tool in the hands of the enemy. His most recent standards were, of course, were evacuated to Antarctica, where be successfully applied. No wonder right up to the present day there are no defectors from the newest Swabia, and many polar explorers who tried to soak in the secret ice continent, turned back for unknown reasons — depression, fatigue, frustration, mental breakdowns …

Up to a point I was not sure of the correctness of his conclusions. Indeed, it neuzh-German physicists were able to get ahead of the world of science so that scientists all states so far not been able to do anything like that? It was only later that I realized that in fact it is not. Psychophysical setting is, simply by their presence, of course, is not advertised.
Developments in this area were (and continue to lead) all naikrupneyshie world powers. In the first place among them is the United States of America. According to the sources readily available to me, the Yankees own psycho-physical instrument at least since the early 1980s. Specifically to give the first plants like German connected a new round of "Cold War" under President Reagan and even the election of the president.

Indeed, Ronald Reagan did not differ by reason of any outstanding or any other gifts. The only person who would have been ecstatic with his election — the movers and shakers of this military-industrial complex. The one in the depths of which was produced by the South American psycho-physical instrument. After all, become Reagan — adherent tough confrontation — the president, and the "merchants of death" will light golden rain profitable orders.

And in 1980, the Americans did not choose the way paranormal Reagan's presidency.
And then again in 1984, despite the failure of the trivial and full of his policy adventurism — growing economic difficulties in the country teetering on the brink of a nuclear conflict in international politics … In this case, most of the Yankees could not properly explain its position. Clearly, without affecting the psyche there has not been.

They tried on their own — you have to experience the enemy. Stroll stubborn rumors that the collapse of communist Russia is not done without the South American psychophysical weapons that cause depression and Russian resentment at once. But just to confirm or deny it I can not. But I understand that the psychophysical tool extensively used in the following Yankee local wars — for example, against Iraq. The swift victory of the Yankees in this country in 2003, explains in essence, nothing else as the influence of massive emitters, which caused Iraqi soldier in all imaginable and unimaginable negative emotions — fear, depression, sadness …

Of course, set their sites on the terrain of the enemy was unreal. Because from the beginning of the 1990s, at the disposal of the CIA (which owns and psychophysical gun) is a separate, top-secret squadron of ships and several aircraft squadrons languid. With all of this, as the creator of one sensational books on ships fitted specifically emitters themselves, and the planes act as repeaters. At the end of 2002 is a top-secret unit was combined with the main group of U.S. troops deployed to the Persian Gulf. In the coming Iraqis managed to shoot down one of the circling aircraft over their territory transmitters, and its fragments until the surrender of Iraq were able to study Russian.

Speaking Russian. As I found out, Russian Alliance in 1975 proposed to the United States to conclude a convention on the complete prohibition of psychophysical weapons. But the Americans refused. It is — still one argument in favor of the similar instrument — the reality, not fiction.

Do Americans have relied in their own development on the experience of scientists "Ahnenerbe"? The answer to this question is very difficult. Well, in general, all of this — the theme of a different story. The story of how Nazi projects continued to live in the post-war world.

1Question seems to be about the book E. Kass "The third Global — psychotronic war."

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