Torture by proxy

Torture by proxy

They secretly abducted on city streets, highways, parks and in hypermarkets. Them without trial imprisoned and tortured. With the consent of the president and the U.S. government hundreds of boys, ladies and kids up to now languishing in the dungeons of spetstyurem the CIA in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria and some European countries.

All funds not bad …

All over the world the "terror suspects" hastily pushed into the aircraft. "Gulf Stream" and "Boeing" landed NIGHT MODE, unscheduled, on a cool windy fields of England. Refueling — and again in the air, in an unknown country, for hidden objects CIA, where passengers waited inhumane and torture. Bullpen and the camps were scattered throughout Eastern Europe and beyond. It seems to like to think that this is only speculation whistleblowers komplotov …

How unfortunate it did not sound, the facts they say about working. In late 2001, the Swedish police arrested Mohammed al-Zera and Ahmed Agiza as suspected terrorists. They were deported to Egypt, to the hidden object CIA, where they were tortured. Two years later, al-Zera was released without charges and without trial Agiza was sentenced to 25 years in prison for unproven membership in an illegal Islamic organization.

Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen of Syrian origin. CIA secretly abducted him and ferried through Jordan to Syria, where he applied relentless physical torture. Khaled El-Masri, a German citizen was kidnapped in Macedonia and taken to Afghanistan. There was not once beaten and tortured. Syrian Mohammed Haydar Zammar captured in Morocco after he spent four years in Syrian prisons. But it was only the first victim of the "American extradition."

Torture by proxy

Confirmation kill!

In 2002, the global community was shocked to U.S. media reports, "In the world hiding terrorists, who are preparing the next, a similar terrorist attack of September 11, the attack on the West. And the most reliable method to prevent terrorism is to capture the suspects, transport them to the special base and interrogated under torture to ferret out all the information. "

The question is: if the offender is caught and proven guilty, which is to export it so horribly? The fact is that America's main problem is not the apprehension and identification of the individual "suspects". It is much more difficult to circumvent U.S. law and international law
— surveillance, abduction, detention without judicial sentence, torture in interrogations are illegal ways, and equal to the atrocities. But the Americans found a way out: extradition! Transporting suspects to countries where torture is allowed or where none of them is not clear. Popular expression of American intelligence agent shattered all over the world: "We did not knock them out of the information, do not break the law! We send them to other countries, where it is done for us! "

In September 2005, the Guardian newspaper said: "From 2001, it was recorded about 210 cases of charter flights by the CIA. NIGHT MODE planes landed at the Air Force and civilian airports Heathrow, Gatwick. Stansted and Glasgow to refuel. These aircraft carried people suspected of terrorism in the country, where they were tortured. " In response to these statements by Jack Straw, the Foreign Minister of England, said that this is just another rumor. But the message was intrigued by public organizations in England. After a personal investigation in November 2005, the English band protect civilian rights "Freedom" filed in the United Association of Governors police services important to confirm that on English soil were carried out landing with "suspected terrorists."
It is logical that in a month the issue was raised in the House of Commons. But DzhekStrolish shrugged his shoulders: "There are no documents to prove that the South American planes stayed on English soil." And U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice hastened to reassure the British government, that is absurd! "Freedom" again took up the investigation and found out that on the orders of higher authorities to England after refueling, special flights all documents carefully destroyed.

Torture by proxy

Torture by proxy

South American style: heresy and violence

Safe and exciting hobby — photography taking off and landing — was a revolution in the investigation of the "American extradition." Pictures of airplanes, made by amateurs and posted on the Web have become the object of attention of journalists and professionals. They are checked against the terrain, registration numbers, take-off and landing, and on the basis of the huge number of matches have concluded that these flights were carried out with the purpose of transportation "suspects."

But the real scandal broke out in Europe in February 2005 — Swiss Senator Dick Marty, made a presentation to the Council of Europe. The report describes the work of the CIA carefully — the kidnapping and transport of "suspects" across European borders in secret bullpen, where no proceedings were subjected to torture and abuse. The report was so convincing that the subsequent February, Germany, Spain, Poland and Romania have launched their own investigation into secret CIA prisons.

Soon the European Alliance has published other findings Senator Marty: air space and airports in England were in the public domain for special flights by the CIA. By January 2007, the European Parliament stated that it was recorded about 1,200 suspicious flights in Eastern Europe in the period between the years 2001-2005. Euro Parliament committee has accused Britain and a number of EU states in collusion with the CIA to assist in the transportation and kidnapping throughout the world.

The Joint Administrators Association Police Services released the findings of an investigation by the Council of Europe and lasted 19 months: "About 20 states, 14 of which are located in Europe, one way or another were involved in the lurking transport of prisoners by the CIA. Of course, all European countries should have known about the flights, because after September 11, NATO has authorized the CIA without obstacles to cross European air space. "Yet, in spite of trivial confirmation, European governments
up to now reject the report of Senator Marty's lack of "concrete evidence." What else can they do? ..

In general, the governments of countries where there is a hidden bullpen could about them and do not know! According to U.S. intelligence, the information about the bullpen kept secret and the public, and fro
m politicians. About the location of hidden objects clearly only a few leaders of the United States, as the president and the heads of intelligence agencies of the country, on the ground that hosts this hidden object.

Torture by proxy

Torture is a common way kids-CIA

Torture by proxyThompson, a military journalist and geographer Trevor Mr. Paglen painstakingly studied for 2-year programs from secret CIA prisons. Personal investigation, recognition of witnesses, documentary records and photos shocked the world's media, and formed the basis of the book "Torture Taxi". In the book of collected documents, facts and evidence to prove that the worldwide commissioned by the CIA carried out the abduction of the Arabs, who secretly transported to Eastern Europe, Afghanistan, Syria and tortured. The victims were not only men, but ladies and even the kids at the age of 7 years old! Why then kidnap kids? It turns out, children of victims — active part programs from torture. The voice of the child, were tortured and abused, recorded on tape, and give to listen to parents!

The program of the "American extradition" has been professionally obmyslena to keep everything in the strictest confidence. Stolen were taken on board the aircraft in handcuffs, often in chains, flights committed NIGHT MODE or of early afternoon, the aircraft registration data is often changed, jour-
nal flight records and other documents were destroyed immediately after arrival and landing suspects "on the subject."

As of torture used different forms of physical and psychological abuse, extreme temperatures, exposure to the electron current, convenience blinding lights and loud music, bad diet or lack of it. Set against dogs on prisoners. Used 'imitation executions "and" waterboarding "torture drill, extinguishing cigarettes on the face of the prisoners …

Reddish Cross and lawyers are not allowed on these objects, because they like and do not.

Torture by proxy

Mr. Obama's double standards

Torture by proxy — this has long been gloomy parable byvalshinoy. Evenly emerge more and more facts and confirm affecting politicians in many countries. As they say proponents komplotov, the scale of these operations are global, and Europe — only a small part of the puzzle.

In 2009, at the initiative of U.S. President Barack Obama's Justice Department to reopen the case of the CIA's secret lock-up. "High-ranking patrons illegal methods used during interrogations to" suspected terrorists "should be under investigation", says President of America. And immediately signed an order to develop "an elite team of investigators to interrogate terrorism suspects."

Torture by proxy

New girl group, which includes torturers from different departments will kidnap, torture and mutilation of adults and kids, but not now under the guise of the CIA, FBI and significant change, is not it?

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