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Bulletproof glass of Gus Crystal is invincible barrier for all types of automatic small gun

Growth of terrorist activity, assassinations of businessmen and traders, attacks on collectors, local wars and armed conflicts, acts of protest and anti-globalization groups design — that's the reality of the modern world, which equally affect all countries without exception.

Recent activity illustrate this conclusion. Miraculously averted terrorist attack in New York, where the center of the town was found a car bomb, terrorist attacks in the North Caucasus, as massive mess in the Greek capital Athens, where the raging mass of throwing stones and Molotov consistency of administrative buildings and bank offices — all these actions 1st order. It is no accident that safety in its broadest nuance now coming to the first plan.

In planning these or other illegal actions, attackers seek out the "window of vulnerability" to take a potential target in the crosshairs. And then invincible obstacle in their path can be bulletproof, which produces company "Highway", located in a classic glass manufacturing center for Russia — the town of Gus-Crystal Vladimir region.

SPM 2 "Tiger" and SPM 3 "Bear" tightly protected bulletproof glass of "Highway"

In over 18 years of activity, the company is constantly improving the technology of the production process and improve product quality, introducing new technologies. Now the company is "Highway" — the largest plant in Russia for the production of bulletproof glass vehicle. Over the last 5 years there has been produced more than 10,000 sets of car bronestekol. With each issued a set of experiences grows, improved technological capabilities. This allows the company to confidently occupy leading positions in the market, not just ahead of the least experienced provider of similar products, and significantly outperforming their thanks to the ideal quality optics, the highest geometric parameters and characteristics of the bullet-proof, made using the latest high technology.

Company "Highway" developed a unique technology, allows, for example, to implement a wireless heater bronestekol. Earlier heating bronestekol to prevent fogging and icing them, usually carried out by the "implantation" thin electronic wire between the layers of glass block. This development has a number of shortcomings: markedly exacerbated visibility through these bullet-proof glass, with traffic (especially in the black during the day) wire glare in the light of, for example, spotlights or oncoming headlights, diverting the attention of drivers and soldiers and rapidly tiring them, compounded vision Crew , by heating the glass in such a wire heated by the temperature difference between the image of the glass noticeably 'float', disorienting the beholder. In the conditions of warfare such defects can play a crucial role, and bulletproof glass made to protect personnel, may instead be a prerequisite death. Developed by "Highway" development Wireless heating bronestekol also allows the introduction of the wires on the surface of the glass to heat it mildly. As a result, achieved the best visibility, do not 'float' on the image, the excluded adverse effects on vision of soldiers and drivers, which is crucial in extreme conditions, including the conduct of hostilities.

Another fundamental development of "Highway" is integrated into the bulletproof broneboynitsa with increased firing angle in comparison with the common type of such loopholes. This allows the crew very well keep fire on the enemy, including the sighting.

The entire range of manufactured bronestekol certified in accordance with the standard Russian GOST R 51136-2008, the standard GOST 30826-2001 Republic of Belarus, the EU Member States the standard DIN EN 1063. At present, the company "Magistral Ltd" conducting studies to reduce the thickness of bulletproof glass and product certification standards NIJ 0108.0 1, Stanag 4569. Property management system of "Magistral Ltd" meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and GOST RV 15.002.

Company "Magistral Ltd" is licensed by the Federal Agency for the development of the industry and the creation of special glasses for the aviation and military equipment:

— № 8098-A-BT-P on 08.05.2008 (in the embodiment of the development of weapons and military equipment);

— № 8099-A-BT-P on 08.05.2008 (in the embodiment of the production of arms and military equipment).

All production defense mission goes VP acceptance of the Ministry of Defense.

Its premises are 3,800 square meters. m, in their work carved table 2, 3 machine for edging glass, 2 machines for drilling holes in glass, 8 furnaces for glass bending, 5 autoclaves for multilayer extrusion laminated, 2 strips of chemical hardening, the climate control system for laminating glass production site elektroobogrevnogo using glass as a heating wire and the glass coated. At production uses only specially selected for safety glazing materials and components of the best Russian and global manufacturers, going to the same secondary-process control. All this allows to achieve a small thickness and weight of each of the bulletproof glass protection classes. Customised for complex natural and climatic conditions and successfully applied in the northern areas, where the column index of temperature drops below -45 ° C, and in the south at a temperature of up to +60 ° C.

Since 2007, "Highway" delivers bulletproof glass for KAMAZ-43269 "The Shot" (BMP-97)

Bulletproof glass are kept under control at landfills and in special laboratories GU NPO "Trucks and communication" the Interior Ministry, Institute of Steel, 38 NIII Defense Ministry, Beschussamt laboratory in the town of Ulm, Germany.

In 2010, at the request of the Ministry of Defence tests were performed to tighten requirements: After two hours of exposure at -45 ° C. bulletproof glass has been subjected to bombardment from the Mosin rifle bullet LPS of 7.62 mm. Under these criteria shock load bulletproof significantly exceeds the requirements of the Standard and, yet, it is perfectly withstood all tests.

Commercially run complex mollirovannye (bent) products for cars of all makes and models of recognizable, also sverhtehnologichny elektroobogrevnye bulletproof glass for cars, aqua and railway transport, armored windows, bullet-proof polycarbonate visor of modern materials for the protective bulletproof helmets. For personal orders may be the ready products of any complexity.

Bulletproof glass are kept under control at landfills and in special laboratories to ensure compliance with the required safety level. Field tests fully confirm compliance with the requirements of the glass specification. The tests were conducted on 3 swatches larger than 500×500 mm, with a previous climatic tests. Each model was subjected to three shots on the tops of the equilateral triangle with sides of 125 ± 10 mm. The speed of a bullet for each shot should be measured and recorded. Disposition of defeat are kept under control after each shot as the back side of the object and the control screen. Lumbago is a through-penetration of the standard bullet or shrapnel damage control screen glass.

At the current time range manufactured by "Highway" product contains:

— Glass elektroobogrevnye for marine and aquatic transport;

— Bulletproof glass for cars;

— Bullet-proof glass for buildings and structures;

— Bullet-proof glass, alarm system fitted to the remote alarm;

— Loopholes in the installation of bullet-proof armored glass;

— Bulletproof visor for helmets.

Bet on the highest quality, Innovative design, advanced technology, technical re-enable the company to "Highway" in today's realities not only delay their positions, and to develop new products, develop new market segments, use your own experience and the highest potential where need for national security and defense.

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