Trauma leading disrupts shooting of The Battle of psychics


Tricks — it's not just mysterious, but also dangerous. Prevent serious injury to the feet of one of the regular program leading mystical channel TNT "Battle of the Psychics" Andrey Safronov could not even experienced in mysticism and doctoring Heroes program. The turning point leading postponed the start of filming the new test participants for an indefinite period of time.

Andrew — the younger of the two brothers illusionists Safronov, carrying a dangerous new trick on the set of the show — teleportation in space, fell badly and seriously broke his leg in several places.

— We came up with a new number for the show — told LIFE.RU older brother Andrew Sergey — the room was not yet run-in, but as time was running out, we decided that we can handle — sorry now about rash decisions and irreversible haste brother. — I was standing on one side of the requisite mirrors, Andrew — on the other. There had to do some pretty complex acrobatic elements, and that Andrew slipped on one of them, with all his crumpled to the floor, sitting literally on the string.


At the beginning none of the film-making process did not understand what happened. Only a minute later, when the magician contorted with agony person tried to get up, the group realized — there was a terrible. As luck would have it that day on the set was not a doctor. In anticipation of "fast" all the participants tried to show what they could to alleviate the suffering of Andrew.

— We tried to pick it up, — recalls with horror administrator "psychics" — but it was literally a foot twisted in the opposite direction. It was clear that Andrew badly hurt, but he tried not to show the form. Most of all, of course, experienced Sergei. Time and again he ran to the door to look, do not go to doctors, and all the time we asked again, how much time is on the way "soon." When doctors finally came, literally everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Andrey Safronov urgently on "emergency" straight from the set taken to the nearest hospital. By doing x-rays, physicians ascertained complex leg fracture in a few places — seriously damaged ankle fakir and ankle. However, the hospital refused to lie magician. Do not have time before the end of the dry plaster castings like the guy a request to let him go. Now Andrew is at home, under the careful tutelage of his older brother.

— I can not forgive myself for letting me do this to Andrew "raw" number, — sighs Serge, — it was necessary to stop him. And so we brought the whole crew. When are now able to return to the site — I do not know, there's no magic to help. Although Andrei already spoiling for a fight! — Magician smiled sadly.

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